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Re: Recommendations For Advertising Club Events?

May 19, 2013

LadiSilverfox wrote:

I am looking for the best ways of getting my club event noticed, maybe exploring some options I haven't used before. 

What do you do to make sure your club events are well recieved or what do people do that catches your attention to attend events?

Currently I Use These Methods:
- Keep all my members on a Club Only PSN Account for ease of messaging, gifting and invitations.

- Set a date for the event and message everyone, usually 3 weeks in advance

- Send out a reminder a week before the event

- Send our a reminder the day of the event

- Send out invitations 30 minutes before the event

- Advertise using visual flyers in a related PSHome user run magizine that follows the theme of my club.

- LWKD Gift Machine/ Veemee 3D Printer Prizes


Ideas People Have Suggested In This Thread:
- Ask to be added to forum event calender @ Home Event Calender (Only for non-club events)

- Club bullatin board

- Contests/Giveaways

I think you have things pretty well covered! One thing you might consider is creating a Twitter account for your events and ask members to follow it. That way you can reach them with a reminder whether they're logged into PSN or not.

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