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Re: RadioIO Pass

Sep 5, 2013

Bobsfed wrote:

I think these passes are ridiculous. So can we only listen to the radios now if we buy a pass? I already paid money for the radio bundle, so I'm not going to shell out more money just so I can listen to something that I was told a long time ago would be free radio. I think some of the developers on here are really getting greedy. Sorry Loot you were one of my favorite Home developer's for a while there. But this kind of changes things. Man Frustrated

II agree! I've been waiting over a month now for the LOOT radios and TV's to be fixed! I don't even get an error code anymore, just a black flashing screen! The problems have been reported to our support team and to Loot not one answer, unless you count the standard "We are looking into it guys". That is not an answer to me. A month later and nothing!
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Re: RadioIO Pass

Sep 5, 2013
The prices finally showed. It would be worth it if you could use it on other devices as a blanket fee to cover multiple gadgets. I think I will pass on it. I can stream other music for cheaper.
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