May 23 2012
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Quick question??

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I thought the "Guide's" were to answer questions when people ask them and not ignore them. Well I can tell you this really sucks when your being ignored by someone that is suppose to be helping. Another thing this "Guide" is rude and braging about getting all the free items that they get. Plus all this is happening as im typing this. I'm not one be not help when someone askes me a question. I even do it when im in a game. This "guide" I think is just out for attention. Funny thing once he had the attention he took his guide hat off. That is patethic if you ask me. I'm not the only one of my friends that is witnessing this. And one of my friends had a run in with the same "guide" braging about the free items they get. I think there should be a screening process or trial process on being  "guide" not just that you are a U.S. resident and have a valid email.

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Re: Quick question??

May 23, 2012

IF they are breaking the Terms of service some how then please report them.

All other things, Contact Glasswalls via PM here

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Re: Quick question??

May 23, 2012

Hey mnsgin, if you have an issue with a specific HCV, please use the tips mentioned by Jersquall above.

As there are already a couple active threads discussing HCVs at the moment, I'll be locking this one.



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