Mar 20 2014
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Quest for Greatness 2 and its bugs

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After completeing the first quest for greatness with no issues I was completely blind sided by episode 2. Buggy cards not showing up in my viewer have cuased me to become stuck in the quest and now that the RE vouchers are already given away, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to finish it. I pre-orded my PS4 the day it was announced and am an avid, dare I say, diehard PSN member. In the past Sony has always made up shortcomings and I realize this bug is rather widespread. I would still like some answers as to what happened to my "repairs complete" voucher content. still haven't seen any of that. Totally looking forward to the nine tails. Naruto is my favorite anime.  Also while I'm complaining I would like to compliment PShome on the new season based rewards. Very Cool. 

If anyone else is still having problems with the Quest for Greatness and has overcome the issues I'm having any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you reading



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Re: Quest for Greatness 2 and its bugs

Mar 20, 2014

 Hey there,


there have been some issues as you have memtioned. I think Home Support has some information on this issue.

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Re: Quest for Greatness 2 and its bugs

Mar 21, 2014

Thank you for responding. I had already posted in this thread. That was I why I started another. Not trying to be pushy. Thank you again for responding. I have got my nine tails fox at this point however some of the cards are still duplicate and the original is missing. So most of the cards for QFG2 are double with the left one darkened.

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