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Re: Purchasing the Ice Breakers cabinet within Home

Mar 3, 2014

MysticMur wrote:

Dr_Do-Little wrote:

Lil_Bruin_77 wrote:
The challenges will not count if you download the PS Vita app., to get those two machines. They didn't add them in. Scribble Shooter is the only challenge you can perform at your personal space, obviously if you own that.

Ice breaker challenges work in personal space. Only the Wipeout 2D doesn't.



Hey Dr, Ice Breaker was working for the challenges up until recently. Now many are reporting it is no longer registering challenge pts, when used in personal spaces or clubs.


I tried using my Ice Breaker cabinet in my personal space and club when it was part of the recent challenges. So can confirm the reports. Smiley Sad  Mur

It's a shame Smiley Sad It worked when I finished my last round of challenges. If they don't want the machines to works in personal space they should add a few of each cabinets in every HUB spaces.Not only the few in bowling "DNS" alley are not nearly enough but it would get some people actually go to these spaces.

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Oct 16, 2014


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Re: Purchasing the Ice Breakers cabinet within Home

Apr 24, 2014

Delicious_Darla wrote:

I just tried this today, and yes, it gave me credit for the Ice Breaker challenge complete.

So yeh, grab the cabinets and set them up. Smiley Happy

Yes, it was announced as fixed in Tsu's Daily Challenge thread, Darla. Appreciate you upating the information in this thread, too.

Smiley Happy Mur


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Re: Purchasing the Ice Breakers cabinet within Home

Apr 24, 2014
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Re: Purchasing the Ice Breakers cabinet within Home

Apr 24, 2014

psxexpert wrote:
It's free, just download the ps vita home arcade app from the PlayStation store. U don't even need a ps vita. Once the app is in your download list, you can sign in home and on arrival you should have ice breakers and wipout 2d in your inventory

 haha psx, why didnt you tell me this before!

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