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Re: Purchasing Things on Home

May 3, 2007

sukomamabratchi wrote:

QCVic wrote:
you will get furniture in the beginning, but you will be able to buy different kinds of furniture.

What would be funny is that you start out kinda like real life for most guys.
You would get a studio sized apartment with a few options for decorating the space. Like say, for the walls, your options would be limited to neon beer signs, traffic signs, and advertising signs.
The living room space would be limited to overturned cardboard boxes with towels on top to resemble a coffee table and end tables.
Milk crates, bean bags, and some folding metal chairs for seating. Your t.v. would be no bigger than a standard def 19" model that you took from your parents house on the way out the door. The bedroom would just have a mattress, with no box springs, on the floor. With a big pile of week old clothes in the corner. The fridge would have some old ars milk, and a few packets of ketchup and other condiments from the fast food joints you frequently are nourished from. If your lucky you have a 10 pack of Ramen noodles, a couple cans of tuna, and some plastic cups and silverware in your what seems to be spacious cabinets. And last but not least the most important item in the whole apartment sitting atop of one of the previously mentioned milk crates, the almighty PS3.

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