Feb 01 2013
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Ps home update

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Ok so I been hearing they are going to make ps home merge wardrobes n merge servers n I did some research n it sounded pretty legit in just wondering if its true ..but I give a about a few years till they complete it if it is true .?
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Re: Ps home update

Feb 1, 2013

Rumors are rumors and that's all that they are. There is no truth to this.


Read this: Patch Notes.


People are misinterpreting the information and are putting their own spin on the posted news.

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Re: Ps home update

Feb 1, 2013

Merge Wardrobes.... LOL!





NEVER gonna Happen!




SHAME on SONY for making us HOMEless by Closing our PS HOME!
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Re: Ps home update

Feb 1, 2013

its going to save your wardrobe to their servers. for example you go to your friends house, put your account on his ps3, your avatar will be there just like it was on your ps3

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