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Re: Pottermore Universe Understands Home

May 31, 2013

I've said this in the Pottermore Update Impressions thread. Yes, the fact that the space is so restrictive is a downer. But if they were to add interactivity (or magic) to the space, then it is logical that there would be a set number of variables to allow for, say... floating objects. Moving them. Destroying them. Making them disappear and reappear.


I once thought that Pottermore was so pared down (no outside chatting, no outside items) for the sake of corporate greed. But then I remembered my classes on video game development. The 3D environments/avatars themselves make up the bulk of the bandwidth and processing crunch of ANY game. Add interactive programming to that (general physics and moveable objects) and the pressure on the hardware (and software) goes up, exponentially.


It is my new belief, that Pottermore is just bare-bones compared to the rest of Home because magic (or advanced interactivity) is going to be added (in Real-Time, and not just in a limited Game Environment) that will make a limited item/outfit/LMO selection a necessity. I could be wrong, but that makes the most sense to me, rather than ticking off hordes of otherwise willing buyers on products that are stripped of the very basic concepts that make Home great.


Give it a bit. It may not even happen when Olivander's finally opens, but I'm sure it's coming. Until then, hold out for at least a Pottermore Personal Space that is in a better location (Hogsmeade just doesn't do it for me--I'd rather have Grimmauld Place).

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Re: Pottermore Universe Understands Home

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May 31, 2013
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