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Re: Possible Delay?

Mar 28, 2007

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I bet it does get delayed. I'd put money on it. everything else has been delayed why would this be any different? who says the beta wont' be delayed too?

honestly I think the beta will come this summer maybe in april. but I think they are going to find they have a ton of bugs that need to be worked out and we'll all be waiting for march all over again. They can't even get the XMB working in game, what makes you think home will work?

First, its not good to compare anything to another situation as its not the same, and to add everything has not been delayed. Most of what people think have been delayed never had a release date to begin with, its just rumored. Now Beta being delayed, that makes no sense as Beta is done when the project is near completion, there would be no reason to push back a Beta, especially if you are trying to deliver an excellent product of the quality of Home.

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they did say PSN would be able to do everything XBL can do at launch. four months later and we don't even know if they plan on releasing those features. I'm not even asking for them, I would just like to know that they are shooting for a certain date. dvd upconverting was supposed to be in the march update. Nothing...there are a few more days left in march, so...

lair was delayed, motorstorm was delayed, heavenly sword was delayed. all first party sony games
who know s what happened to calling all cars...maybe tomorrow we will get that.

right now I have no reason to believe anything they say the first time around. that goes for home too.

I'll give you MS being delayed the others weren't delayed as they didn't have a set date on them, most of them were just thought to be release titles and they weren't exactly what I was talking about, they had no special release date, but it was speculated that they were launch titles, yet when they didn't appear people felt that they were delayed which isn't the case at all. Now as for as Sony coming out and saying that PSN would have the same functions as XBL, I would like to see an article that directly states that, It seems that it was implied to someone but not really said by Sony, so I really can't believe that until I see that in actual writing and it being confirmed by Sony
Also as I said its not right to compare something because they are different, games that were delayed doesn't mean something else is going to be delayed especially since Sony has been working on Home since the PS2 days, Home was an original plan before PS3, so more than likely its ready for testing

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I'm done talking about this I'm not gonna search for articles online to prove myself. Lair was delayed they said it was set for march and it got pushed back that is a delay they delayed releasing it that is what a delay is. We can only wait and see. I'm expecting home to come out next march. and then I don't expect any games to support it for at least another year as far as trophies and what not. I hope I'm wrong but the pace they are moving at has lead me to think this way.
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