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Re: Please, no more clothes like the Gogo ones

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Apr 2, 2013

Kitty_Pyra wrote:

Personally I find the cloths authentic to the branding and totally in good taste.


It's easy to use words like 'decency' but this is a virtual world dealing with real gamers.


Ever play Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, Socoms, etc?


The players there do not talk to each other in kind, sweet and with a child like innocence.

They are loud, rude, explicit and down right cruel to others in multi-player...because that is the nature of the beast.


I was in a multi-player game in tetris on my PS3 and was having the other person 'smack talk' me over beating me in a game.


Preaching 'decency' is a nice desire but the gamers of today are not the arcade gamers of the 80's and such...they talk freely and express themselves freely as they see fit.


It's the access to a virtual world that lets people express themselves openly, without fear of attack by their social peers that draws people into the worlds online.


To make a virtual world purely decent will draw few to any into it....Second Life tried this due to social pressure and it bombed.


To pretend the clothing is a cause for peoples behavior in Home is like blinders because I've been on Home for alittle over 2 years now and its always been a wild rude place before we had Konami or the other developers making the items we have now.


I still remember being insulted in the bowling alley because I was asking a person where they got a outfit....and they were only wearing a tank top!


Still no ones forcing people to buy the clothing... like everything in home and in the real world you have the ending choice to buy or not to buy...


I've had fun making and trying to make combo's with the line and bought every piece yet im not going around making threats, etc...


 LoL. That's all I have to say to that remark. Wait for it...

The above comment is my opinion, except when I quote someone I disagree with, and unless I state a fact. You can disagree with my opinion, but facts are facts.
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