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Re: Playstation home ruined my life

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Jun 4, 2013
Hi op sorry to hear that you lost a friend I had that happened many times on ps home over the years but I moved on there is still great people out there like others said and I know it hard because I know what it feel like to lose friends on ps home but you just have hang in there and wait. Good things happend to people that wait. no offense to the op or anyone but come on what the next thread a ps home moderator ruin my life by banning me for breaking the rules Iam a lame-0 lol roflmao and I also miss these dear glasswalls threads too lol roflmao.

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Re: Playstation home ruined my life

Jun 4, 2013

BigBoss1891 wrote:
Hello people. Most of you have probably seen me in the past running around on home (bigboss1891) I came on home in April of 2009. And in my time on Home I've made friends and lost pretty much everything just trying to have fun. When I started I was probably like everyone else their first time seeing home. Asking questions and following people around. I was quick to make friends... some I still talk to and some I wish would just vanish. I can't tell you how much time and money I have put into my home life...But it is ridiculous. And it all went straight to hell thanks to one individual. Who basically turned everyone against me...people I would call family. I've learned to Not let people close to me because of this. And given up my home life.

I want to watch a movie based on this.  I picture it like Goodfellas, but really not much like Goodfellas. 

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