Aug 20 2013
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Playstation home Back to school & fall fashion 2013

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Hello home people could you like to have a playstation home back to school & fall fashion? Well there it is feel free to post a picture of your fashion


  1. this is not a contest this is to show the top fashion & popular fashion for school & fall
  2. no inappropriate fashion if you ever post any inappropriate fashion it will be handled to the mod
  3. No reward & fund will be given
  4. Everyone can enter it doesn't matter what gender you are MVP can enter too
  5. You can ask any question to me in your xmb message or the forum message
  6. it always important to label all of the item you are wearing for example like this granzella > male > casual then the name of the item &/or reward if you don't seem to translate the word use [translating needed] tag & make sure you put the region tag & the price as well even in other region
  7. Your picture can be posted everywhere along if you are suitable & comfortable like pesonal space club public space etc if someone is bugging you or trolling you move to a different spot or go to a different place you can report if they don't stop
  8. this fashion event is open worldwide so you can post your photo in any region just make sure you use the region tag [NA] [EU] [JP] & [ASIA]


I think that all of the rule I can think of thank you feel free to message me

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Re: Playstation home Back to school & fall fashion 2013

Aug 22, 2013




0003.jpg   0002.jpg   0001.jpg


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Re: Playstation home Back to school & fall fashion 2013

Sep 4, 2013

We need more

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Re: Playstation home Back to school & fall fashion 2013

Sep 5, 2013
While this is a very good thought, I don't think it will get much play since there is already two very popular threads for home fashion! Smiley Happy
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