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Re: Playstation Home XMB space question

Jul 2, 2013

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So when you go to the Home icon on the XMB we used to see a background of course of playstation home that had a pool table and you could even see aurora in the window but now they changed the pool table for a car and a space i don't know i don't know in te window does anyone know which space is that? thanks



That Screen is Full of CRAP we never got here in USA Home...


Like the Mui Mui Companion! We never got that in USA Home!


See that's how much USA Home updates our stuff it came out many years ago and yet USA HOme never added it.... Figures!


Shame on them!

i dont think thats a companion, they just crammed a bunch game stuff in there to show that Home has some game stuff.

Can't find any Mui Mui companion on Alpha Zone 4 site, thus I doubt any companion ever existed in any region.

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Re: Playstation Home XMB space question

Jul 2, 2013

There is a mui mui companion in Japan. It was awarded to those who owned the space there if I'm not mistaken at some point. I don't remember what the other requirements were. 

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