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Re: Playstation Home: Dating site???

Jun 24, 2013

myalana wrote:

YogoGamer wrote:
As i said before, I wish no futher interaction with one such as you but ill see what your crying about now, First of all, I've been on Home since the closed beta, so i don't appreciate being called a "new user", Secondly, You are attacking me for not agreeing, once more, how ignorant, Third, You aren't worth my time anymore, i have little patience for people like you

Me too. How did you make it this long?


Also, if after you select reply, you then hit "quote" above the reply window, we might have an idea who you are attempting to attack. I just assume it's everyone. Have a fine day and I'm sorry that you are offended by (mainly) 14-17 yr old kids after nearly 5 years on Home.

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I quoted.


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Re: Playstation Home: Dating site???

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Jun 24, 2013



Can't we all just get along?!?


Edit: Thread seems to have ran its course and is now locked.



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Re: Playstation Home: Dating site???

Jun 25, 2013

This thread has run it's course and will now be closed 

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