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Re: Playstation Home Chess Matches?

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Jun 5, 2013


wardawg8181 wrote:

A couple years ago I was able to play chess online via the playstation home world, and the chess boards were located n the mall.  I can't find any new chess boards, is there a new place were i can always find chess matches?

Hi Wardawg8181...


As Miss_Ann and David said there is a Public Chess Night meet up on Tuesday's at 9pm eastern, (Thank you Miss_Ann and David) in the NA Home Server that I Host... You are welcome to add me to follow to the space... Its random cause I never know ahead of time if Tables are available.


Wow I forgot about the Indie Space, Ill have to add that to the List of Possible Public Games... Right now we meet at the Adventure District or Playground Space... I will now add the Indie Space to the List too... I have a Club and Private space set up as well for when we have overflow, I own all the Chess Sets, so if you just want to Check out those I can show you in virtual person as well... the name of the Club is  Kot Hot  (knights of the home open table) There is a listing in the Unofficial Club Thread and the Public event is listed on the Cal as they said... 


Feel free to Join us if you have time... Also if 9 pm Eastern is not a good time, we have started a Thursday 3 pm eastern Eu server Public Chess Meet up as well... Feel free to inbox me here or on PSN for details if you need them... 



Hey Kitchens Closed, I didn't know you had a Chess Club...

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