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PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

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PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ


Interested in starting or joining a Club on PlayStation Home? Check out this FAQ before you dive in! Please use this thread to add suggestions and corrections for the FAQ, and to express your experiences with Home Clubs. For more discussions about Clubs and a place to connect with others about your own Club, check out the PlayStation Home Clubs & Events subforum. For a growing list of Clubs, check out the PlayStation Home Club List and add yours today!


The Basics


What is a Club?
A Club in Home is a group of people who share a common interest. Members are invited by a club leader to join the Club and may socialize in a private Clubhouse.


What can a Club be used for?
Clubs are analogous to clubs in real life (e.g., fan clubs or social groups) and will likely get a lot of use by clans from online multiplayer games to get together and "game launch" into games that the club members enjoy.


Searching and Joining Clubs


How do I search for Clubs?
Push Start to bring up the Menu Pad. Select Clubs, then Search Clubs. The search will browse alphabetically. Please note that the search function does exact matching on the search string.



1. As long as a club name begins with the exact characters you enter, it should come up in the results (if there aren't too many results).

2. Searches are not case-sensitive.

3. Tags and Club Leaders are not searchable. 

4. Disallowed words used in a search will not return results, relevant or not.


How do I join a Club?
There are two ways to join a club, both of which require approval of a club leader to join the club: 1) Search a club and apply to join (you may want to edit the message to make the application more personal), or 2) a club leader can directly invite you to join.


How do I know which Clubs I've applied to join?

The only way is to search a club and attempt to join it again. If your application is still pending it will say you've already applied.


How will I know if my application is approved or denied?

You won't if it is denied. If it is approved, you will have the club in your club list.


How will I know if I have been invited (by a Club Leader or Subleader) to join a Club?

You will see the invite in your club menu.


When applying to join a Club, is there any PSN message notifcation?

Only club leaders (owners) get a PSN message when someone applies to their club. Otherwise, there is no automatic notification via PSN messaging.


Can I see who the Club Leader (owner) is?

No, unless you are a member of the club or the owner replies to your application via PSN (which is not necessary to accept or deny your application).


How do I contact the Club Leader (owner)?

If you are not a member of the club and do not know the club leader, the only way to contact that person is via the PSN message that is sent to the leader/owner when you apply to join. Take the opportunity to write why you want to join in that message. The owner may reply to ask further questions.


Can I see a description of the Club, whether it’s full, and the current members before joining?
No, unless you've been invited to join a club, in which case you can view the club description before decided to accept or deny the invite.


How many members can be in a Club?
32, including the Club Leader (owner).


How many Clubs can I be a part of?
5. (You can only be Club Leader/owner of one club at a time, and that's included in the 5.)


Can I leave a Club?
Yes, you can do this through the club menu (unless you are the Club Leader; then you would need to disband the club). You can also cancel a join request before it’s accepted.


Creating a Club


How do I create a Club?
Under Clubs in the Menu Pad, select Create Club. If you have not purchased the Club "right" or "entitlement," you will be brought to a special part of the PS Store where you will need to pay $4.99 (in the U.S.) to purchase the rights to a club. Once you've done that, if you click Create Club it will prompt you to create a Name and Tag for your club.


Does it cost anything to start a Club?
There is a $4.99 (in the U.S.) one-time fee to start a club. As per the legal terms upon purchase of the Club rights, there will be monthly fees to continue operating the club.


When will monthly fees start and how much will they be?
Monthly fees have yet to be determined.


Can I rename the Club?
Not at this point; this may change in the future. The character limit is 21. Any words that are disallowed for texting in Home are also disallowed for use in Club names.


What is the Tag for?
When a person applies to join it will be the default entry in the subject line of the application message. The tag is limited to eight characters, and cannot be edited. The Help section of the Menu Pad describes the Tag as "the abbreviated tag by which the club will be represented."


What is the Club Profile for?
In the Admin Controls of the club menu, you can click Change Club Profile and enter a description of the club. At this point, the profile does not show up in a club search. Club members can view the profile from their club menu (after joining).


Managing a Club


Who is the Club Leader?
The Club Leader is the person who bought the "rights" to the club and created it (i.e., the owner). They can manage member invites, remove people from the club, change the Club Profile, customize the clubhouse, etc. The Club Leader can promote and demote Subleaders, but cannot be removed themselves. The Club Leader will appear in the Member List with a crown icon.


What are Sub Leaders?
The Club Leader can "promote" four members of the club to be Subleaders via the Member List in the club menu. Subleaders have some of the same Admin Controls as the Club Leader. They can manage invites, post and remove notes on the clubhouse bulletin board, and remove regular members from the clubhouse. They cannot remove members from the club, promote or demote members, customize the clubhouse, or disband the club. Subleaders will appear in the Member List with the (badge-looking) club icon.


How do I invite people to join?
Leaders can accept requests to join and directly invite people (either on your Friends List or by PSN ID lookup) in the club management menu. Applications to join your club will show up in the club menu under Join Requests and also come as messages on the Club Leader's PSN XMB Friends menu. (Note: You cannot accept invites from the XMB, you must use the Menu Pad in Home to manage invites.)


Can people still apply to join if a Club is full?
No. If your club is full, people will be prevented from sending you an application to join. However, if your club is not full, applications to join your club may exceed the number of member slots you have open. In that case, you would have to decide who to accept and who to delete from your Join Requests list.


How do I prevent people from applying or joining my Club?

You can block individual people from joining or even applying to your club by using the Blacklist feature. Club Leaders and Subleaders can use this option. In the club Admin Controls, go to Blacklist and enter a PSN ID. You can also view a list of people you have blacklisted and remove people from the list. You cannot blacklist current club members.


How do I remove members?
In the Member List of the Admin Controls menu, you can remove members from the Clubhouse or from the Club altogether (only the Club Leader can do the latter). Members who are removed from just the Clubhouse can re-enter the Clubhouse at any time.


Can I increase the maximum 32 member limit?
Not at this point.


Can I transfer the rights to the Club to another PSN user?


What happens if I disband the Club?
The club and clubhouse will cease to be accessible. WARNING: The name and tag of the club cannot be reused by you or another person (as per the legal terms when the club right was purchased).


If I disband my Club and want to create a new one, do I have to pay another $4.99?

No, you may create a new one after disbanding and retain your club ownership right without having to pay the startup fee again.


Customizing the Clubhouse (Club Leaders only)


How can I customize my Clubhouse?
You may add and move furniture just as you would your personal space. The limit of furniture items is the same as other personal spaces. 50 items plus two active items (not including personal items such as the camera).


What kind of items are available to be used in the Clubhouse?

Most items that work in personal spaces also work in clubhouses. One exception is Picture Frames; they are not available in clubhouses. Games (such as darts and pool) can be used in clubhouses, but you can only have two active "furniture" items at one time. So for example, you could have a darts game and a pool table, but you would not be able to use the Playground Boombox unless you removed one of the games.


Are there upgrades or customizations I can buy for my Clubhouse?
Under Admin Controls, you can choose Buy Clubhouse, but there are no upgraded clubhouses available to purchase at this point. You can also change your clubhouse among the ones you have purchased (once more become available).


Using the Clubhouse


How many people can be in the Clubhouse at the same time?



What can I do in the Clubhouse that's different than someone's personal space?
Most of the customization and features are the same. The difference is that the space will be open to members at any time, regardless of the Leader's presence. There are also bulletin boards where notes can be posted.


What is the Bulletin Board for and who can use it?
It's for leaving notes and announcements for members. Notes can be posted for various lengths of time up to 28 days. The character limit for the subject line is 16 characters. The limit for the each message is 85 characters, which is quite short. (Note: Disallowed words in Home cannot be used in the notes, including numbers that are several digits similar to phone numbers.) There can be multiple "pages" to the bulletin board, but only one page is viewable at a time. Four posts can be seen on each "page." The most recent posts will be seen first. 16 messages can be posted simultaneously (over four pages). If there are 16 posts, you must first remove one before adding a new one. Anyone can view the posts. Only Leaders and Subleaders can post on the bulletin board.


If a Leader has removed me from the Clubhouse, how soon can I come back in?

As soon as you are ready to rectify whatever it is that made the Leader remove you in the first place. Best to be respectful about it.


What do the Clubhouses look like?

The Basic Clubhouse resembles a rectangular hall in a lodge. See macfilmmaker's Clubhouse pictures.


What is the big screen in the Basic Clubhouse?

It is currently not usable by club members.


More information on Home and Clubs

Official information regarding Home and Clubs can be found on the PlayStation Home website. There may not be much there regarding Clubs, but you will find numerous threads in the main PlayStation Home forum and the PlayStation Home Clubs & Events subforum. For suggestions on how Clubs can be improved, check out the post below and add your own suggestions in this thread!





Locust_Star and CydoniaX for listening to our feedback and committing to making Home as vibrant as we want it to be! J-Rad14 and InFaMoUs1- for linking this FAQ to the Home Information Center and Unofficial Club List, respectively. Contributors to this FAQ, including macfilmmaker, mikopo3919, DJ_Skrull, justintimeROA, Calador, Lord_Beelzebub, muttenhed, PaperCarrier.


Note on using this FAQ: You are welcome to link to this thread, but if you copy and paste the info somewhere else please give credit. Thanks!


Original FAQ written by Optimus_Prime, December 2008.

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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008

Optimus_Prime wrote:

Has anyone figured out whether the screen looking thing in the clubhouse is indeed a TV appliance that will in the future be used to display videos from the leader's or subleader's hard drive? Did it do anything in the closed beta? I'd like to post the answer in the FAQ. Thanks!

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I don't think anyone can answer this one here.

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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008
Wow now this is the kind've information that I like to see on the Forums.
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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008
i was in a club when the clubs where free but got kicked out cause i pissrd the leader off
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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008

Optimus_Prime wrote:

Searching and Joining Clubs


How do I search for Clubs?
Push Start to bring up the Menu Pad. Select Clubs, then Search Clubs. The search will look by keyword and browse alphabetically. (Note: There seems to be an odd glitch in the search where if you enter more than 11 characters, it will not display relevant results—even if you enter the exact club name.)


Actually, the club searching process is FAR more restrictive than you suggest.
First, it is NOT based on a "keyword" system, it is an EXACT TEXT MATCHING system only. This means, for example, if the club you seek is called, say, "Penguin", and you search for "Penguins" (plural), the search will report nothing found due to the inexact match.
Second, it only searches club names STARTING FROM THE FIRST CHARACTER, and does not search for words/phrases further WITHIN a club name. Again, an example. If a club is called "The Penguin Club" and you search for exactly and correctly the word "Penguin", again the search will report nothing found because "Penguin" is NOT the first word of the name of the club. In fact, ALL clubs using "The" as the first word in their name can ONLY be found by doing a search for--you got it--the literal word "The".
Finally, the club naming system is still currently disallowing some common and appropriate words due to terrible choices by Sony in the so-called profanity filter. As it stands at this very moment--and hopefully to change soon as I and others work with GLAAD and the mainstream press--if you want to make a club serving the interests, say, of gay gamers, you are NOT ALLOWED to use the word "gay" in your club name, cannot do it. If you try, you will get a message saying that the word "is disallowed". Worse, if you are searching for a club that you hope might include the word "gay", while you are allowed to enter "gay" as a search parameter, since by Sony design NO clubs are able to include that word, you of course will not find one. BUT, in that case, you do NOT get a warning that your use of the word "gay" was disallowed, you are simply told that no such clubs were found. This can only leave you to assume that no such clubs exist and therefore must not have any people interested within the Home community. 


Gay and out. Over 50. Hate FPS games. Yeah, I fit in here. ;^)

But LOVING Home! Great social networking and fun/cool people in a stunning 3D world. Join me, macfilmmaker, or any one of my virtual counterparts, Daisy-Belinda, KellyTakesPhotos or TerryHansen, in a network of pro-diversity clubs right here in Home, including 3 branches of the OUTsiders Club plus transgender people. Also check out

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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008
Great job! Kudos to you!
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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008
Good thread! I put a link of it on my thread
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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008

i havent visited a club yet.

ima definitly hit up one of the WH clubs tonight.

EDIT: i did, and it was boring.

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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008

you might add

"who is the club leader?"

he is also the guy with the star? next to his name in the club members list.


"who are the sub-leaders?"

they have a dual-shield-type thing next to their name.

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Re: PlayStation Home Clubs FAQ

Dec 16, 2008
Very Helpful Thread!
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