Jun 06 2013
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PlayStation Hold 'Em hacks?

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So, tonight I visited Home for the first time in I don't know how many months.. I registered at the E3 space then decided to play some Hold 'Em.


One member was getting extremely lucky and winning a majority of hands. Not all, but most. I didn't think much of it, because it's a server based game and some people get more lucky than others. Everyone at the table was having fun, congratulating others, and being respectful. Heck, even I got 2 straights in a matter of 30 minutes, and assure you was not cheating.


Eventually, two new members joined the table, and one of them began to blast the lucky player for cheating.

The lucky member replied with "I'm using Game Genie." Which made me laugh, because my brother and I use that joke all the time. (One of us is winning in a game, the other complains about "luck" and the winner replies with a "I'm using game genie codes.")


Anyway, shortly after, the upset member says "He IS cheating. I just googled game genie. It is hacks for money."

I of course felt the urge to step in and explain to this person that "Game Genie" was around in the NES days.


They insisted I looked it up for the PS3, for myself. So I did -- and the device was for hacking game saves. It mentioned nothing at all about it hacking "PlayStation Home." And I know the games are server based, so how could someone hack it with that device?


I tried to explain this to the upset member, but he was right and I was wrong. I told him I wasn't saying this member was or was not cheating, but that I did not believe they were using this device he was speaking of. So, after the member called me "dumb arse" I just told him to report the member if he believed he was cheating and move on.



Now, the point of my post is: Does anyone here know for a fact that hacks exist to cheat in PS Home games? Particularly "Hold 'Em"?

Or was this upset member just looking for an excuse as to why he was stinking at playing digital poker?


Thank you in advance for reading my ramble / letting me vent.

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Re: PlayStation Hold 'Em hacks?

Jun 6, 2013

As mentioned all our Home game saves and all things Home are saved now on the Sony servers. I think they are pretty safe.

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Re: PlayStation Hold 'Em hacks?

Jun 6, 2013

I'm pretty sure many of the games, including Hold'em, always saved their data to servers.  I think that was the case even as far back as Sodium One.

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Re: PlayStation Hold 'Em hacks?

Jun 7, 2013

sounds more like a sore loser than anything, i see the point of having fun taking peoples money in HOME poker but what other point is there? it's not like you win rewards after you hit 1 million chips like you do in the casino so why hack? i can use skill alone to manipulate the players & hands won and it's ALOT more fun to watch someone try to out bet you thinking you're bluffing when you have an unbeatable hand then taking their money for their stupidity. 


the thing i hate about HOME hold em that to me is worse than a hacker stealing wins is "the all-ins". why in gods name would you throw everything in on the first 2 cards that are nothing but a 2 of diamonds & jack of spades? it's stupid beyond comprehension, it's not only that though, the ones who do nothing but raise to ridiculous bets i.e. flop is say 20 the river goes to 250 on nothing are a real turnoff. i got bank & the rebuys are available but if i go to play poker i don't want to play a max of 5 hands & then have to leave because i have no chips. yes the old saying goes 'bet big to win big' but you can also lose big trying to be overly aggressive. unless i have an almost guaranteed win i throw out every time someone bets too high for the sake of taking the pot with nothing because they have more chips than everyone else. 


maybe one day we can have a dealer like moderator at the tables keeping unscrupulous betting from happening, but i have my doubts we'll see anything closely related to real casino rules being enforced since the model that has been in place the past few years has been solely the merit of other players. i like HOME hold em but i don't stay over a minute unless i see a table not playing like a bunch of idiots and HOME being full of underage idiots is really turning me off from doing anything besides playing pool on the beach in my personal space.....i want 2008-2011 back, HOME was good then, now i would rather just waste another 6-8 hours screaming at my useless team in BF3, at least in there i can possibly kill the person i hate for being idiotic.

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