Jul 18 2012
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Pimp My Space

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Greetings All,


I know there are a lot of Home deco enthusiasts out there who like to show their spaces and see others.

This is great, but only a few people are going to see them.

I run a forum board at PS  called Pimp My Space. This is the place to have your space seen by tons of people and reviewed at the same time.


I'm looking for anyone who would like to participate. If you're interested send me a message with "Pimp My Space" in the title.

I will come to your space, take some pics and post your space along with my review.

Don't worry, I'm not mean, just honest.....LOL.


This is a chance to showcase your talent to more than a select few,  maybe knock someone from the top spot and  win the

Pimp My Space award (registered users only).


I'll review any space you want, I may ask some questions, but I save my critique and and review for the post.


So, head on over and take a look. Is your space better than the ones I already posted? Find out!!Smiley Happy


Have fun, get the creative juices flowing and give me a shout.


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Re: Pimp My Space

Jul 18, 2012

pimp?  surely   ill be a pimp!  luv2 showoff sum spaces, just hollar.

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Re: Pimp My Space

Jul 18, 2012

Oh yea ill join  (I have the mansion, wizards den, a awesome harbor studio, Hollywood hills, summer house, casino hotel room, city penthouse!) and I think all of them are pimpin Smiley Happy

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