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Re: Picture taking by strangers

Feb 13, 2013

:^/ It used to make me curious whenever I'd hear a camera click in a public space. Would I have heard the click whenevery anyone in the space took a picture? Or only if the photographer were nearby? Or only if I were in the shot? Also, why was the noise on my PS3 anyway, and not only the photographer's? And why would anyone want pictures of me anyway?


;^) The other day, though, I met a fellow a Lockwood HQ. He introduced himself and explained that he knew me from my posts on this forum, and that he liked my opinions. That was pretty cool. And I wonder less about why someone might want my picture....

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Re: Picture taking by strangers

Feb 13, 2013

Conrad_Max wrote:
This is based on what?


Once again, if someone feels that they are being harassed, they have the right to report it. Modration will investigate every report and make a conclusion based upon the input that they have studied.


Maybe nothig will come of it, and maybe they will.


The OP has receieved all of the information that they need in order to file a report. From there , it's all in the hands of Moderation.

Yea, I've been a mod many times in the past.  You have no idea what BS people report.  "This person is looking at me" and dumb stuff like that.  We should not encourage people to report people knowing that no rule is be broken.  If we do this it will give the mod's time to look into and or invastigate real reports of people braken the rules. 


If that person feels like they are being harassed then Home is not the right place for them to be in the first place.  As for the Mod's?  What can they do?  Nothing!  If the person is only taken pic's and there is no rule saying that person can't do that then the Mods have to go by the rule book and do nothing...

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Re: Picture taking by strangers

Feb 13, 2013
I personally enjoy the design of many of Home's spaces and will frequently take pictures of the architecture and layout. I have never had one single person complain to me.

So, naturally, when I look at this thread, I'm having a hard time believing so many people are up in arms over their virtual picture being taken in a virtual world that exists solely on a video game console.
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Re: Picture taking by strangers

Feb 13, 2013

Homelings experience curious photographers on a regular basis.

We do not discourage this, but we do request the individuals not interfere or interrupt our activities Smiley Happy

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