Apr 18 2013
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Petition, Bring Back The Way We Stored Information On Our HDD's

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Petition, Bring Back The Way We Stored Information On Our HDD's


Ever since the update to store stuff on Home servers, it's been a rough ride and nothing but trouble to say the least. Slow network, slow everything. Things like the PSH store and Wardrobe I use to be able to get into I can't anymore. Wardrobe isn't fixed as we were told.


So I am leaving this message to get a number of people / community to get the people Home to listen.


With the ongoing problems were facing, and things not getting fixed, in fact getting worse besides better.


It takes forever to load spaces, public and private. Takes forever to load the store and wardrobe, items.


Not to mention wardrobe is still not fixed. This is unacceptable. If your like me, and spent money on Home, we (you) deserve the right to say how you feel about this.


Message to Home MOD's and Team,


You guys really need to pick where Home is headed and this is not the answer. Countless downtime's, server maintenance, and PSH maintenance and yet were still seeing the same problems as before.


You need to ask yourselves, is it worth loosing customers, or better to listen to the community and at least try and show more of an effort in applying yourselves to fix these issues.


I have known several people that have quit Home because of these issues, and I am not going to lie and say I am not thinking about it because I been. I have been asking myself, what's the point, I feel I get stressed out, and angry more then happy and enjoying it.


I find myself mad, and upset most of the time for the reason being, I am fixing Sony's issues rather then them fixing it themselves.


It's a question of this, does Sony care about there customers or there business? Is this really a way to run a business?


Now I am not here to bash, troll, or put down anyone for that matter. I have been a loyal consumer since day one, and have showed my loyalty by buying stuff on Home and showing my support.


But is it enough to deal with and to put up with the problems Home is facing.


I have been spending more time on my PC then on PSH for that matter, just a matter of time I guess.


You must decide where Home is headed, and I remind you Home has come a long ways, however with that said, the issues and problems we face everyday make it unenjoyable to say the least.


So please, if your like me, let your voices be heard and please Home MOD's and Support, do something now before its to late, I don't want to see Home die, but this isn't the way. Smiley Happy

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Re: Petition, Bring Back The Way We Stored Information On Our HDD's

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Apr 18, 2013

The slowness and some connection issues are a PSN issue I am 90 percent positive. It really does not have anything to do with our items being stored on Sony servers.  Anyone remember all the hoopla before the qore update in which many were warning of impending doom? I think the storage of items has been fine although other things have caused issues with item placement and magic acts of vanishing.


 Took me a minute to write this and I wonder if anyone else has already posted that petitions are a no-no here Smiley Happy


Edit: Sorry to lock your thread, however petitions are a form of solicitation and not allowed on the forum:


"Spam. No advertising commercial products or services or solicitations (this includes petitions, asking others to vote on a poll, and advertising your own personal website or other forum)."   (Taken from Rules of Conduct)



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