Dec 06 2012
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Personal space and wardrobe Glitches

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If personal space and wardrobe glitches do not interfere with online gameplay or violate EULA and PSN TOSHUA, why are these glitches patched?


The ability to stand on an object that was not designed to stand on, is a common reality. If you have the ability and desire to succesfully climb onto these objects, why shouldn't you be allowed?


The ability to purchase clothes, then wear them how you like in combinations not intended is a common reality. If you purchased the items, desire and have the knowledge to wear these items in an unusual manner, why shouldn't you be allowed?


The ability to climb out of a window in personal space is also a common reality, even though windows aren't designed to climb out of. Same question why are personal spaces patched? How does this interfere with gameplay? How is this a violation of EULA or TOSHUA?


I've spent hundreds of dollars on items just because they were "glitchy" only to have them patched. The fun and realistic glitches get patched, but the following issues go on for months:


  1.  Home Tycoon not regenerating workers offliine(fixed 30 days later) 4 updates - how much money made on purchasing workers!
  2.  Loot Sunset Yacht($4.99) - no Amaterasu Whales($1.99) or Dolphin($2.99) since August 9th 2012
  3.  Hollywood hills($4.99) EOD Screens constantly down or freezing
  4. X7 "Exclusive" club($7.99 to $14.99)  2 or 3 songs, that stop mid track and starts another of the 3 songs.
  5.  Items that dont need to take up 22 spaces any longer still are. ex. playground boombox 22 spaces, but Beatbox only 12 spaces
  6.  Southern Island hideaway unreasonable load time for some.
  7.  Block and Ignore great idea except everyone else can still see and hear the harasser. Their chat is still visible to harassee which still conveys the actions of the harasser.

All I'm saying is put more thought into these patches. Fix the problems and quit being spiteful.


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Re: Personal space and wardrobe Glitches

Dec 6, 2012

:^/ The trouble with the mulitple-clothing glitch is that clothing items use up RAM on the PS3. When wearing more clothes than the system is designed for, one can require more RAM than normally allocated for clothing. In a personal space, the allocation may allow it, but when then traveling to a public space, other players' PS3's then have to set aside enough RAM to load and display your avatar. If your excess leads to another's PS3 trying to set aside more RAM than it has, his hardware will crash, freezing his processor until he resets it. He'll be booted offline and disappear from the space. Likewise with other visitors to the space, until the wardrobe glitcher is the only one remaining.  He could then change clothes and invite his friends to an otherwise empty instance of the space.


This sort of potential for abuse is why glitches like that get fixed, but I agree that glitching personal spaces, (floating furniture, traveling outside the box, etc.) are harmless, do not violate the rules, and should be left alone.

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Re: Personal space and wardrobe Glitches

Dec 6, 2012
The lack of response by some Developers to fix their products is certainly frustrating. But, that is not Sony's fault or responsibility. LOOT is guilty as charged. But TVs and Radios have been their dominant concern, not the aquatic life for the yacht. It is likely that we can not have whales and Crackle working at the same time. However LOOT owes us an explaination. Numerous contact emails in addition to Support Forum complaints have remained unanswered.

But, my main point is that these are separate issues with different companies who are responsible for maintanence.
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