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Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

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Here is my item list so far of what makes what.  I'll update as I go.  Give a kudos if you find this helpful.


Item To CreateLevel First ItemLevel Second ItemLevel Time
Animal Bone2 Weathered Bone1 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Animal Feather9 Blue Sap5 Crystal10 30 Minutes
Animal Feather9 Carnation9 Corundum4 30 Minutes
Animal Feather9 Carnation9 Iron Stone2 30 Minutes
Animal Feather9 Crystal10 Red Sap3 30 Minutes
Animal Feather9 Dragon Bone9 Luminous Squama9 30 Minutes
Animal Fossil6 Coral Spall6 Dragon Bone5 0 Seconds
Animal Fossil6 Coral Spall6 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Animal Fossil6 Animal Bone2 Luminous Squama9 0 Seconds
Animal Fossil6 Luminous Squama9 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Red Sap  Mistle Toe1 Mistle Toe1  
Blood Stone8 Animal Fossil6 Blue Sap5 15 Minutes
Blood Stone8 Ancient Halite3 Natural Rubber7 15 Minutes
Blood Stone8 Carnation 10 Scorpian Tail3 15 Minutes
Blood Stone8 Corundum4 Luminous Squama9 15 Minutes
Blood Stone8 Igneous Rock1 Luminous Squama9 15 Minutes
Blood Stone8 Ironstone2 Luminous Squama9 15 Minutes
Blue Sap5 Ancient Halite3 Scorpion Tail3 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Animal Fossil6 Water Of Cave1 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Animal Bone1 Natural Rubber7 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Blood Stone8 Igneous Rock1 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Downy Feather1 Luminous Squama9 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Dragon Bone5 Natural Rubber7 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Luminous Squama9 Scorpion Tail3 0 Seconds
Blue Sap5 Natural Rubber7 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Carnation10 Blood Stone8 Natural Rubber7 30 Minutes
Carnation10 Crystal10 Dragon Bone5 30 Minutes
Coral Spall6 Ancient Halite3 Ancient Halite3 0 Seconds
Coral Spall6 Dragon Bone5 Mistle Toe1 0 Seconds
Coral Spall6 Luminous Squama9 Water Of Cave1 0 Seconds
Coral Spall6 Natural Rubber7 Scorpion Tail3 0 Seconds
Corundum4 Iron Stone2 Iron Stone2 0 Seconds
Corundum4 Scorpian Tail3 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Crystal10 Animal Feather9 Dragon Bone5 30 Minutes
Crystal10 Blue Sap5 Luminous Squama9 30 Minutes
Crystal10 Carnation10 Luminous Squama9 30 Minutes
Dragon Bone5 Animal Bone2 Animal Bone2 0 Seconds
Griffin Feather12 Carnation10 Crystal10 45 Minutes
Iron Stone2 Igneous Rock1 Igneous Rock1 0 Seconds
Luminous Squama9 Animal Fossil6 Natural Rubber7 1 Hour
Natural Rubber7 Blood Stone8 Downy Feather1 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Blood Stone8 Scorpian Tail3 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Ancient Halite3 Carnation10 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Carnation 10 Water Of Cave1 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Coral Spall6 Red Sap3 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Corundum4 Corundum4 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Luminous Squama9 Mistletoe1 10 Minutes
Natural Rubber7 Luminous Squama9 Red Sap3 10 Minutes
Red Sap3 Corundum4 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Red Sap3 Igneous Rock1 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Red Sap3 Ironstone2 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Scorpian Tail3 Ancient Halite3 Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds
Winged Animal Talon11 Blue Sap5 Griffen Feather12 45 Minutes


Here is the Pet List ( In Progress )


Pet # Name Item 1Level Item 2Level
001 Aquasaurus Coral Spall6 Crystal10
002 Nightmarean Dragon Bone5 Luminous Squama9
003   Blue Sap5 Natural Rubber7
004 Mini-Master Animal Fossil6 Natural Rubber7
005   Carnation10  11
006 Spirit Of The Earth Corundum4 Winged Animal Talon11
007 Spirit Of Woods and Green Coral Spall6 Animal Feather9
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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 14, 2013

Coder, thanks for the list.  Might I suggest that you include the "species color-encoding" for each ingredient used/ created.  I would say that the color coding is CRITICAL to creating the item ingredients because without it, your cultivation attempts are essentially random.


It also might be a good idea to organize the 60 ingredient items according to their Level rank (as listed in the L-Project game itself) rather than alphabetically.


So if a player is not wearing the purchasable blue earrings, the level range for the ingredients you can pick up around the Labs is Lv 1 - 6.  Gather these items to cultivate them into higher-level items.


There are only 2 ways to *efficiently* create each higher level ingredient.  The first method is to start with two lower-level items of the same color and mix them together to get a higher-level item of the same color.  This only works up to a certain point, around level 17 to 19:


Red:  Lv19 (yellow carapace picture) highest level from cultivating two lower-level Red's

Gold: Lv12 (red feather picture)

Blue: Lv17 (white carapace)

Purple: Lv19 (gold ore)

Green: cannot create higher items from low-levels using this method


Whenever you cultivate any two lower-level ingredients of roughly the same level together, the resulting ingredient item will (usually) be 1 or 2 to 3 levels higher than the level of its starting items.


The second method is to culture together colors from either the same, or opposite sides of the color-mixing pentagram under the 5th menu option.  For example:


Red + Gold = Purple item

but also:

Blue + Green = Purple item


So, simply by referencing the color mixing pentagram you'll see that a

Lv5 Dragon Bone (red claw picture) + Lv5 Blue Sap (picture of potion bottle) = Lv6 Coral Spall (rock ore)

Lv6 Animal Fossil (rock ore picture) + Lv4 Corundum (rock ore) = Lv6 Coral Spall (rock ore)

Lv3 Scorpian Tail (claw picture) + Lv4 Corundum (rock ore) = Lv6 Coral Spall (rock ore)


For the last one, see my comments at the end, below.


Hope these tips prove helpful in your quest to compile a master recipe list  Smiley Happy


Let's just say, we are going to need to compile a Master List in order to make the highest-level items.  I have yet to see a sensible Master List --anywhere-- that makes sense by following the above rules; they are either loaded with errors or with randomized combinations.



So I'd be very interested if you continue listing your recipe findings, because even with the predictive diagram I didn't know what you'd discovered here:


Coral Spall6 <<Dragon Bone5 +Mistle Toe1 0 Seconds


Animal Fossil6 <<Coral Spall6 +Weathered Bone1 0 Seconds


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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 14, 2013

You can't make items higher than level 27 without nutritional supplement potions.

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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 14, 2013

That's correct.  I've only made ingredients up to Level 27.


In order to create the highest level item, Lv34 Alexandrite (purple gem... should be approx the correct name), you are going to need 3 nutritional supplement potions.  Wonder how much these supplements cost in NA.


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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 14, 2013

nutritional suppliment is 3 for $0.99 and 7 for $1.99

mercia comic here -->
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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 14, 2013

pyrodragon5 wrote:

nutritional suppliment is 3 for $0.99 and 7 for $1.99

And 12 for $2.99. Probably your best savings.

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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 16, 2013

Thanks for posting the chart! (And, in a very organized way might I add.) That sucks about having to pay when you get to the end. Can everyone post Pics of each Pet so far? That would be very helpful. Especially for the Highest Rank Pet. I haven't been able to find anything online. And, if there's one in Japanese, well I can't find it or read it to know where to look..  If I'm going to pay, I'd like to at least know what those Pets look like, if they'll be worth the few bucks. Thanks in advance Smiley Happy So far I haven't made any pets except the forced one, Jack. I'm working on just upgrading my items, but I have to start spending some more time at the Labs.

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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

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Feb 17, 2013

I found a page with all the Pets. It's in Japanese, but translated the page and it's good enough for me Smiley Happy Got it rumaging through the Unofficial Peakvox thread on YourPSHome. I'm pretty sure it has a list of what you need to make each pet also. But, the translations aren't very good.

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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Feb 17, 2013
This thread should have spoiler tags.
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Re: Peakvox Labs Cultivation List

Mar 25, 2013

i cant figure out what ingrediants i need to make the 34 purple crystal stone thing ? and the 35 relic of people at the lab im on my last two pets the king whale who need the 34 purple crystal stone and the 27 unicorn horn . and the other pet which takes the 27 rafflesaile and the 35 relic of people can some who has finished the pets please help me .

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