Mar 25 2007
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PS Home Ideas Of Future PS3 Games

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First of all back in E306 I invisioned something like "Home" would be coming and I said in one of my threads even back then that the only hardware that will be capable of emplimenting it is the PS3 and surely PS3 has indeed accomplised this.

I also had ideas of Fight Night Round 3 on how this game can be enhanced with its online play associated with the "Home" community. Now withen the Home invironment imagine entering a 3D boxing arena with a friend to watch real players battle it out. By entering this boxing arena, you are actually entering a multiplayer game lobby in Fight Night Round 3. Instead of the old text based waiting lobby, you are actually able to walk around the ring and able to view the ring from different part of the arena. For ex: Some arenas may have 3 or 4 floors, you can walk up to the 4th floor and watch the fight over the ring. EA should really think about this idea.

Now I think all sport games should use this method of multiplayer 3D lobby like in football you can actually sit in the stadium and watch football untill it is your turn to play or I think that some of us would rather just watch and walk around the staduim like in the real world.

Anyway and about the arcade games like bowling and pool, this is good, but I'm hoping we can purchase a blackjack table or a poker table for our virtual appartments so my friend and I can play those games. They can even make like a casino lounge where players can bet virtual money and if they win, it will be added to their virtual points to download contents. I can go on and on with my ideas and my friends say I should go and work for sony and get paid for these ideas, but I don't think there is a position of this sort of job. Anyway, please share ideas hoping one of the sony guys reads this thread.

Another thing would be cool if Sony makes a virtual mall (already mentioned a retail being part of the Home space). Only if we can go to a virtual mall to shop not only for game contents, but real product as it can be shown in photo realistic image. It will be like a virtual internet shopping.

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