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Re: PS HOME: Thoughts Right Now?

May 16, 2012

TJ you always had a way with words. Thank you... | Home Item Database

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Re: PS HOME: Thoughts Right Now?

May 16, 2012

Hey TJ my friend!

I know I love(d) it to and it took me a long time to finally snap and start saying something about the problems when my friends no longer enjoy it because we get booted. It was a 10 and dropped like a lead balloon fast, now its hovering around 2-3..

Can my perception change about about home? YES, but that's out of my hands.

cya round TJ

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Re: PS HOME: Thoughts Right Now?

May 16, 2012

ImM0Zb0 wrote:

Interesting post, Strider. I am cutting and pasting the points I would like to discuss, please:

The people who truly are to blame is the Home Platform Group. The actual people who have created the wonders most of the time. As well as creating the disasters we are now experiencing. As well as all the other disasters. We have been forced to live through in the past. Who has cause the current situation whether it's the Home Platform Group the hackers or both is yet to be seen.

Agreed, but regardless, live through it is all we can do, be it another week, or a month, or however long it takes. The Home Platform Group are the ones who created, maintain, and repair Home.

What I don't abide in is the refusal of our Home group. To say anything ever. I have been here since the very beginning of this thing called Home. From day one these people never say anything no matter what. If I need to know anything of that's going on here. I have to go to other regions to find out. This is just wrong. NA Home is the flagship and the money maker. But their silence all the time is deafening.

I do not fully understand what your complaint here is. "From day one, these people never say anything, no matter what."

So this is nothing new, this is how our Home group operates. For ALL the numerous posts, insults, rants, and complaints, our Home group still behaves exactly the same way they have since day one...

Going to other regions has not always provided anything of substance. With the exception of Major Maintenance downtime notifications, no real information has made our Home experience any more enriched or informed by other regions.

By your own words, the Home group is not the Home Platform group. They are more of a promotional and informational arm of Home, and I'm sure they do not arbitrarily decide to not say anything, as much as when there is something worth saying, they will.

Without transparency you have nothing. So it was my opinion. That I said instead of promotions sacking's are in order here.

I do not understand why so many users feel entitled to know the inner workings of what is going on inside of Home. Corporate Share Holders? Yes, and I'm quite sure THEY are informed on a very regular basis as to what is happening. But general users? I don't think so. Nor do I think we need to be. It will be fixed when it's fixed, and not before. To have to regularly post platitudes reassuring people it's being worked on is superfluous, as are the apologies some users feel we are justified in demanding.

Thousands of users may have left, but thousands more have stayed, and thousands more have joined. While the loss of many is mourned by friends and by Sony, attrition is a part of any business, as well as Life itself. We come, we go...

Has now gone so far it is beyond words. A blood letting is the only answer now. Whether it's this Home group or the Home platform group it doesn't matter now. It's the only way to bring confidence back to this broken system...

Were that is "beyond words," then all this incessant complaining would finally die down...

A "blood letting?" Really? And how would this restore confidence? Who should be the first one publicly executed in the center of the Hub? And how do you determine whose blood to spill to satisfy your demand? What? Shoot a data tech a day until the problem is fixed?

What about the last technician who finds and fixes the faulty code? Should they be given a 2-week vacation to Fiji and a statue erected in their honor in front of every spawn point on Home?

While I well understand the frustration with the current on going problems on Home (I say a few bad words everytime I get frozen or kicked with a server error code, too),  I simply cannot comprehend this self-rightous demand for update communications from the Home group, when they are NOT the ones working on the problem, and when there is NOTHING more to really be said beyond "We're working on it."

It's like having a plumber trying to fix a leaking pipe in the street outside your house, and complaining because the dispatcher in the office isn't calling you every five minutes with an update on what they're doing, and how much longer it's going to take...

It'll be fixed when it's fixed.

My POV: Enjoy YOUR Home experience, without forcing it on those around you.

There are 2 things I'd like to say to that...


And yes.. HOME needs to be fixed, some of us have spent a lot of cash on HOME, and yes, they should keep us informed to what is going on..   If I had known about all these issues I would have not bought anything this month.   There are just a few select people who find NO wrong with home because of the items above. 

Please get this addressed so we can start enjoying HOME again.

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Re: PS HOME: Thoughts Right Now?

May 16, 2012

Yeah, I think a lot of us would agree with your post TJ. Despite these errors, I still love Home too much to simply give up on it like that. I am a loyal user still. Lol.

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Re: PS HOME: Thoughts Right Now?

May 23, 2012

So Midway 3 was just released... Great way to show your working on fixing the bugs Sony...
Give us Midway 3, that'll shut us up? Thanks alot... Now that Midway 3 is out, things are even worst then before...

1.) 2 of my friends can't even log onto HOME at all...
2.) 1 day I couldn't get on it at all, either, till late at night it just all of a sudden let me on...
3.) Crackle stopped working completely now... Everytime a comercial comes up, (Error 105), this happens weather I rejoin the room, or just visiting, it doesn't matter anymore, it happens, regaurdless, where as before I could just revisit the Room to fix it, which now I cannot...
4.) I hear Midway 3 also has bugs now, costing people tickets of which they have paid for, (Don't Buy Tickets, so I dunno)...
5.) We still have Previous Bugs at their worst to deal with, too...

Has the crew just given up on those who have problems thus this far? Has HOME just become dead now?
I hate to support HOME since from Day 1 till now, & yet drop the ball this far into the Game, especially when i've just gotten new things... I hate to say it, but i'd much rather they redo the Update that caused all of this mess in the first place...

I agree, they need to take HOME down for a week, if needs be, & fix these bugs, before HOME progresses, & becomes even more of a problem... Giving us Midway 3 isn't going to get the problem fixed... It's only going to cause the current problem to spread, & become even bigger...

I'm not sure about Locust Star being the center of hatread, or whatever... I dun remember if I ever met them, i've spoken to Glass Walls a few times, hes a pretty decent person I suppose... But ya, given that, I cannot comment, so I won't...

Although, I don't see how the Mods, or Guides or Sony is to blame for the problems at all, I blame the people who builds the world, modifies, & Updates the world we call HOME, those are the people I blame for this... The ones who actually do the Coding, & maintenance on HOME, those people... But at the same time, I also believe that the Mods should be the middle people between us, & those who are Maintenance or whatever ya call them...

Not because we feel they should, but because they are the only source we got...

It almost seems like Sony is the Opposite of the News, they feel we should only know about the Good stuff... Thing is, if thats true, then it's almost like they could just release a Public Space, & then let people visit thinking how great it'll be, just to find they've run into a Trap, where they loose everything... Would never know what hit them, Sony would never mention something, till after the the bug got fixed... Because they only release Good News... That would never happen, but that almost, not 100%, but almost seems like that is how Sony is handling HOME Situations... That is not right at all...

I think we should be obligated to know whats going on... Stuff like Maintenance, and all... I agree we don't need to know everything, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't know anything at all, either... Give us an Update on the current situation... Give us at least something... I would be happy with at least that... Something more then we are fixing it... Giving us things like Midway 3 only causes me to believe you are distracted from what you should really be focusing on... The Bugs, not Updates...

I don't think this is a hopeless cause, nor do I think we should just throw in the towl, & call it quits, or kick the bucket just yet, but I gotta say that is a thin line with this one... I can only stand so much, before I say no more...

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