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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Retro Flyers

Jun 3, 2013

I really love my planes. The size is just right and the view is perfect. Also a big plus for me is the fact that I don't have to land to take pictures, fly over snap and on to the next shot. I have gotten some very good and very funny pics!

See you on home!


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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Retro Flyers

Jun 4, 2013

I voted very satisfied


I wasn't really interested in these until I seen them up close - I bought the chrome one and am very happy,

I usually sit at the park and draw a crowd, I then get others to play a game where we chase a lead plane and the lead pilot  tries to shake off his or her pursuers.


Would be nice if we had a sky lounge to fly around in our planes.

Maybe something like we had in Redbull.

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