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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Panthabots

Nov 20, 2012

The idea is nice, but I would have liked it better if our own Avatars would run like that.


They are nicely created, I suppose. But the price is absurd. I thought that those kind of prices were reserved for 'Exclusive items'. I still need to go and have a look, but if it's $9.99 here, then that means that it's 9.99 Euros ($12.77) in Europe! (0_0)

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Panthabots

Nov 20, 2012

Comparing Panthabots to Werebats


After trying to get Lockwood to acknowledge this on their website they erased my comment.


I'm going with Dissatisfied due to their response (Or lack there of).


I'm not going with Very Dissatisfied because I like cats & would've bought them regardless.


But when compared to Konami's Werebat (or Succubus) I see that I get a lot more for less than I did with Lockwood's Iron Fusion.

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