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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

Oct 9, 2012
I don't even get a countdown. Heck, I can't even select the store without clicking on get revenue or attempting to buy a house I can't afford. I'm physically stuck on this mission with absolutely no way out of it.

A very (very) basic LBP level... by me.
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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

Oct 9, 2012
A.. Lightning.. Add.. And I'll hook you up with 75 gold coins, to help get your city going.!
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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

Oct 9, 2012


Hey Homers,


On August 1st, Blueprint arrived in Playstation Home a wonderful addition to the navi for user customization then on Wednesday October 3rd, we were blown away with the installment of Home Tycoon. This is the first time I am posting a reply here on the Playstation Home blog. I started using PSHome
back in early 2009 and it has completly become a part of my life. I enjoy every bit of interaction in PSHome from the Three Dimensional Chatrooms, Shopping, Movies/Music, Games, Personal locations, Recieving Rewards, Scavenger Hunts, Special Events, Gifting friends and so much more I tend to think there is no limit to what can be done in this reality. I have been noticing over the years that you (The Creators) have taking our suggestions into consideration and actually building and designing alot of the things we (The People Of Playstation Home) have been discussing and asking for on the servers/blog sites, and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate all your hard work and effort in making PSHome a Home away from Home.


With Home Tycoon out now I can definetly say I have a my avatar has some pretty cool responsibilities now. I wanted to make a suggestion and I hope its something Hellfire Games will look into.


Being able to enter houses, buildings, compounds, sky Scrapers, zoo habitats etc
(assuming being able to interact with the enviorment would be impossible at the most an avatar would need a place to sit if possible)


•Being able to pick up or drive vehicle with friend or friends as passenger


•Hide & Seek, Tag, co-op missions


•Military expansion pack, Wildlife Expansion Pack


•being able to uses portables items while in City but not in game


•Now this idea is just a thought but it would be pretty cool if we could acess PSHome Blueprint from a load button which could be placed in the Home Tycoon [Build] menu that says [Load Apartment] this would then load what ever designed apartment user has made in Blueprint to then be able to be placed as a building in users Tycoon city map. I would say when creating a apartment in Blueprint for Tycoon city map there should be restrictions in size etc as Blueprint allows you some real leverage to create what you want. In Blueprint I would say there should be preset floor plans for user to choose from varying from upstairs to downstairs, in this location on the Tycoon city map users would be able to decorate preset floor plan from Blueprint apartment and be able to place 50 furniture items but [ONLY] in the Blueprint apartment on the Tycoon city map.


I think if Hellfire and nDreams got together they could really make this happen, this all came to me one day I was browsing through the Hellfire favs map and decided I was going to ride through and checkout the city when I arrived I didn't expect to see anyone I dont know why lol but on my arrival there were folks outside walking around chatting there were people driving there cars I said to myself I wish we could atleast walk inside these building or just run a set of stairs all the way to the top of one of these sky scrapers to the roof to checkout the veiw of the city or maybe play Hide & Seek or Tag and the ideas started pouring in. I just wanted to share this with you guys I love PSHome and the new addition Home Tycoon big thanks to PSHome Staff Glass Walls, Tempest_Fire, LocustStar & Hellfire Games





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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

Oct 9, 2012

So far I Love the game! But of course some things could better, or more enjoyable (but I'll give 'em a break as it just came out ;p). And, if it helps my perspective will be from I'm one of those people who won't or can't afford to buy anything (currently unemployed). From the feedback I've read, some things will be repeated and some ideas here will be 'new'.



1) I would love to see some "Action/Interactive Items" :
- Sit in the benches or even on the curb.
- Access to inside of buildings, at least one floor or room.
-- ** Even Better, have access to the Roof Tops, especially the skyscrapers. Makes for sweeter picture taking! (which I love doing in Home) **


2) Music/Sound Effects:
- The Music Volume control under Options is great. Why not add a SFX control as well? The chirping crickets and tweeting birds can only be handled so much =) And, that way we don't have to change our "Master Volume".

-- I read that the changes made under Options get reset after you leave. I've never had other people in my town except for two friends, and I haven't really noticed that the music percentage changed either.. but if that is the case, that should definitely be changed so they 'stick'. [The only issue I experience is that the music just stops playing after some time.. not a big deal at all.]

3) General Scenery/Objects/Background Updates:

- I've seen there is new stuff coming out in the spirit of Halloween.. I'd love for there to be Season changes - Winter, Spring, Summer (seems what it is currently), and Fall. The trees and grass will change, we can have snow everywhere and snowmen. It can be Optional and should be able to stay a certain season if wanted, just like changing the time of day. BUT, shouldn't require Coins, or it should at least have an "in-game cash" equivalent.

- The sidewalks need to be fixed. When walking/running at them straight on (or in more technical terms, perpendicular to them), we get 'stopped in our tracks.' We can only get on them from an angle. Not pleasant.

- Give the sidewalks ramp-like entrances on the corners as in real life.

- Add some traffic lights maybe.

- I've never actually played The Sims, but I loved Roller Coaster Tycoon.. I'd like to see objects we can buy *with the in-game cash* to spruce up our city such as: fountains, statues, fences, flowers, etc.

- I would like to see the windmill blades move.

- Throw in some birds actually flying around (besides the seagulls? over the ocean) and fish in the lakes, or any other little creatures.

- The cars should not be driven by 5 years olds or people in Destruction Derby. Lol. And, they shouldn't be hopping the curb! That def needs to be fixed. Smiley Happy

-- Regarding when you (un)fortunately get stuck in front of a car, I kinda like being able to run at super speed, it's hilarious looking! And, great to go somewhere else faster. HOWEVER, you should be able to move off to the side.. [On a side note, if you need to "travel" somewhere else faster, or just go back to where you were, simply relocate using Planner Mode.]

- I don't think changing the time of day should require coins. OR it should at least have an equivalent "In-Game Cash" value.

- I'd like to see a Darker Setting for Nighttime; best for everyone to be Optional. I'd like it to be more realistic when I'm standing "in the middle of nowhere" in my city, and see only a little by the moonlight or the glowing lights in the distance. 


4) Coins & Workers

- There should be a way to earn Coins. Even just one a day I'd be happy with. Or maybe have it like 1 coin rewarded for every 1 or 5 levels of Novus Prime.

- As far as the workers are concerned: 10 min per Worker could be debatable, but it's more so a bit over the top. For 30 workers that's only 5 hours. It's great for the light player who plays once a day or less and is quick in and out. But, for those of us who want to spend a lot of time there and just get things done, it certainly hinders progress. On top of that, needing a worker to collect revenue is certainly a drawback, and then takes even longer to build something. Once the 'Worker Issue' is fixed I feel the time should only be 5 min to regenerate 1.


*I know you guys are working to fix the bug causing the workers to not regenerate outside of the game. Keep up the great work.* However, I think the time should be dropped a bit to 3 min per worker while the bug is being fixed. Waiting almost an hour Sitting Around In The Game doing nothing is still too much for one building (requiring 11 or 12 workers).


5) Destroying & Adding Buildings:

- I think we should get money back after destroying a building, like 75% of what it cost to build.

- If not the above, then we should at least be able to Move/Relocate a Building.


6) Some Miscellaneous Stuff:

- As nifty as it is to just Wave back into the game, I enjoy taking pictures while waving, which is then impossible.. I'd like to see another way to re-enter the game, perhaps a start point near the bridge.

- It would be Awesome if our Inventory Items could be taken out, outside of the game of course. (I'd love to take a pic with my pets!)

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

Oct 10, 2012
B4 u go to bed, put a rubberband around ur joysticks, to give the illusion that ur active, so it doesn't get dissconnected. When u wake up U have 30 workers! Smiley Happy, BUT hopefully they'll fix this worker glitch soon so this may not be necessary to use for long hopefully.
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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

[ Edited ]
Oct 10, 2012

6:00 am PST. ... I couldn't get to my main City from the Train Station. The Hub would not download, so I went to Harbour Studio, and to the Hub from there. Ran to the Tycoon Portal, and got sent to my 2nd City. Tried the Desk, and it does not work. I'm back at the Train Station, and it does not work. " This Game is currently unavailable."


Updates are so wonderful . Knot ! (heads)


Edit : I got sent to my 2nd City again, and I still could not get to my main City from the Desk. I Could collect Briefcases . . . Briefly .

Broken. I imagine they will fix it as soon as they can. Its just frustrating. My 2nd City has no Flowers to sit amidst. No restaurants. No Bars. Zero Population here, so no one to have lunch with, or run over, or shoot , or ....

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home Tycoon

Oct 10, 2012

I like it but. some of the outfits were incomplete.   For example.  The Police uniform in crime and punishment doesnt come with pants.  Friends list doesnt load and shouldve been more road designs instead of just giving us the basics.  Please update!  

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