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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 15, 2013
Hmm fix inventory for wardrobe and furniture...the 15 mn load time for either one....and the mixing of items ...other than that....pretty good
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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

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Feb 15, 2013

Speeds are improved. Absolutely love how fast you can exit the wardrobe now and browsing through my storage is faster than before.

Being able to wardrobe change in other people's places is huge.

Displaying your club name (or even have a custom title) next to your name is really cool.

The extra plus pop up colors are better than I thought based off the screen shot.

Item managment is a mess. If keep is the solution, they sure didn't tell us that.

There's some issues with the server not always displaying or updating information. Needs to be tweaked.

It's weird how we suddenly can't use first person with the camera when using LMOs that boost speed.


I know many are having problems with 1.75 but aside from the wardrobe and furniture issues, it's been good to me. There are certainly some wrinkles with this transition that need to be ironed out. But overall 1.75 is a definite improvement.


I voted satisfied.

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 15, 2013

The long store or wardrobe loading and wardrobe storage mix up makes it a complete fail.

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 15, 2013

I'm from EU but hey, we still using the same update! I voted very dissatisfied my reasons are as follows:


I STILL can't follow my friends if I press go to on Them I get an error 


every single item I own keeps going into storage as soon as I leave home


my script settings file is deleted it seems, I've lost all my pickories at loco isisland


loading an avatar seems to take ages now, especially looking through storage to find clothes every single time


All my favourites are missing


my furniture takes ages to load


im missing paid inventory items. 


If you switch back to HDD saves or even allow people to choose between the two then that would solve all these issues. 

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

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Feb 15, 2013

Jersquall wrote:

Initial transfer of files was slow but flawless.

For you perhaps, but not for many.


The update itself is pretty sweet. The ability to do some things we have been asking for forever is finally here. Smiley Happy

Like finally having the ability to place items in storage that isn't a spillover that forces items we do want into storage?  NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to sort items in storage the same way we can sort items that are not in storage?  NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to move items into different folders for better organization? NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to save multiple layouts for each space? NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to not load all of our character saves before we use one? NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to have multiple folders of character saves instead of just one? NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to belong to more than five clubs?  NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to have more than 32 registered members for a club?  NOPE.

Like finally having the ability to target all the items in a personal space no matter where you are in the space? NOPE. (they even took that one away)

These are but a few of the MANY things that have been asked for countless times some as far back as the closed beta, and some that could quite easily be added and would not only benefit users, but would encourage more purchases... But have apparently not been worth even a response from any community representative.


 Things are faster. Less laggy and over all this update has been really nice.

For you perhaps (you must have that special version of Home that Conrad_Max has), but not many others, again, check this forum and the support forum.


There seem to be some upset over the update who will miss ''certain'' things but..such is life.

And upset over not even being able to load Home without getting disconnected.

And upset over the numerous disconnect errors happening while in Home.

And upset over losing their script file, and thus hours, days, even years of progress in Home for activities that save your progress in the script file.

And upset over the much longer time it takes to load items in folders.

And upset over finding their item folders all shuffled around and tossed in and out of storage, causing some people to spend hours trying to reorganize them.

And upset over missing items.

And upset over the wardrobe error that prevents you from using your wardrobe unless you leave the space you are in.

And upset over losing their layouts of personal spaces that took hours to make.

And upset over clubhouse layouts getting wiped out again.

And upset over some LMOs not working properly.

And upset over the camera POV & Zoom not working properly.

These are just some of the many reported issues in this forum and the support forum.


I'm glad the update was so great for you - but clearly you are the exception and not the rule based on the numerous posts in the support forum and countless posts in this forum.

Sony's PlayStation Home updated mission statement...

"Like it never happened"

- Stand for something better than mediocrity and don't disguise it as adequate, when clearly it is far from that to anyone willing to be objective and unbiased. -

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 15, 2013

I voted neutral. I'm not quite satisfied, but I'm also not dissatisfied either.


Things I Like:


1) Home seems to load faster, including the wardrobe.
2) I can finally change clothing in the personal spaces of others.
3) I like seeing all the new text colors and hair colors. The new hair colors especially look nice with those anime Idol Styles from Hellfire.
4) Love being able to display my club name.


Things I Don't Like:


1) I don't like that the new hair colors were made for PS+ subscribers only. I think you guys are missing a big opportunity by not letting everyone have the option to buy the colors/palette changer. You should also think of selling the new text colors. I know people HATE the idea of having to buy stuff like that, but if the option is there I'll be happy.


2) I don't like that our wardrobe/furniture management hasn't been improved. Please give us the ability to:


- Create new folders in our wardrobe.
- Label the new folders whatever we want.
- Allow us to place any type of clothing item in the new folders (shoes, pants, shirts, accessories, etc).


This way we can organize our clothing by season, color, occasion, etc. Smiley Happy


Overall, it seems like you are gradually leading Home in the right direction. I hope you guys can fix the stability issues quickly (including why my hair keeps changing black). Smiley LOL

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 15, 2013

I voted satisfied cause despite the issues, I kinda like the changing colors and such. Hopefully, I can keep my PS+ active to experiment with the colors of hair and makeup. Not too much to complain about, really. Smiley Happy

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 16, 2013

Very Dissatisfied.



-Club labels/tags, cool way to further customize & identify yourself, as well as spread word of mouth with an easier answer to "How do you spell your club?" ...granted, this also multiplies the Fam issue, but that's a moderation issue. This feature is a plus in my opinion.


-Faster Inventory loading, and a more stable loading of things in public spaces is nice, but is barely a Pro, since it seems slower in private spaces as well... Although I like the public space speed, I feel it could be improved without damaging Private spaces to the point they're just as slow as Public now.



-Color options are PLUS ONLY... complete garbage of an idea. We've been begging for more color options like the color palette added to hair/makeup for hair, skin, and ... just in general, since the beginning. The thought that all that time asking was thrown into an exclusives bin is insulting. This should be a core update overall, not an exclusive.


-Poor data management. All our data is now on the servers, which means loading/downloading spaces is much more commonly cycling through the allotment of Cache space we have. Example: I've had to redownload Peakvox Labs & Peakvox Ninja, at regular intervals, even though those are the only 2 spaces I've been going between today as to collect components. :/ This needs a larger cache, or a better management system, as it appears game spaces, wardrobe browsing, etc. clogs up the cache more than usual now.

(Granted, idk what the exact cause is, so sum it up as 'why am i downloading the same thing a dozen times? no likey how this update made it so')


-LOTS of network errors. Now, I know 'ignoring network errors' was a premise... but I mean in terms of creation. HDD-quitting was a guaranteed no-no when we had data on ourselves, but now if you crash, quit, whatever, while the network is re-sync'n  you, you can lose a solid chunk of changes you had just applied. As EVERYTHING causes that dinky lil arrow to pop up now... I really don't like the risk it brings, as I've already taken a few hours just to re-do things more than once because one error or another crashed the sync.




Overall... yay, we have club tags. Now all I need is my Wardrobe, Furniture, & Inventory to stop resetting every time I log into Home, & to be safe from all the errors and sync flops...

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 16, 2013

If were just talking about new features then im satisfied. The wardrobe change at friends is cool and I like the new plus features as well. However when considering the problems this patch brought with it I'm not happy. Wardrobe and furniture is a mess right now. Assuming they get this all fixed and running like it was then im pleased.


Also please bring furniture limit increase in the next client update.

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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] Home 1.75

Feb 16, 2013

voted satisfied

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