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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] 3D Printer

May 13, 2013

Well from reading all the posts i have to agree with all the Pros and cons, but i still give this a satisfied Vote. The funny thing about seeing this Machine arrive was i had recently added a Monthly Suggestion for more Developers to pick up the gifting idea like Lockwood has. Lets keep the idea going and lets fix the cons this machine has.


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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] 3D Printer

May 14, 2013
My vote is neutral, as the machine itself is good, but the items are terrible.

The pros are self-gifting, ability to reject gifts, and guests can almost instantly retrieve their gifts instead of waiting around randomly (sometimes over 20 minutes) like with the LKWD GM. Also, so far, they are all new items instead of just recolors of old items like 90% of LKWD's GM.

The cons are too many male only items, gender specific items not being labeled as such, and most of the current items are trash. Random poor quality and/or tiny furniture, and worst of all default hair head items that should be head acessories.

Most of the "hats" give a unique hair, but that's still not as good as making a head acessory. There is especially no excuse for the seagull. It's like the Midway 3 head items...who would actually wear this as a hat slot with the uggo default hair?

As far as the prices go, for the most part they aren't that bad (start tokens of 50 instead of 75 is annoying) but the minimum of $5.49 for a single bed is absolutely crazy.

Also the slots need to be lowered to under 20, remove the useless printing animation.
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Re: [POLL Feedback Thread] 3D Printer

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May 14, 2013

I think it's kind of neat. A few interesting items (cowboy hat). Some items are cheap & some more expensive. I don't think I'll use it a lot but I did buy some tokens, a few.


Likes: It allows one to gift, buy for one's self, allows a person to refuse a gift.

Dislikes: Large slot usage which means it goes in an unused space.


Will vote SATISFIED is there's a poll. (EDIT- OOPS! I already did vote)

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