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Re: Open Beta?

Jun 8, 2007
He's right though... I am.... and look how many posts there were for an Open Beta in July ...... There are lots of people angry about over-posting and none of the posts from a few days ago never get added on to...... And only one to go psycho over all of them.

If people would take a few minutes to look over the past week of posts, it would be a better plave for all.... Well, most anyway....

So to stop these open beta posts in july (another hit for the search engines!!!) Here is the word from Sony from March......... Enjoy

Q: What is the timeline for rollout?
Closed Beta (appx. 15,000 users): April - August July
Open Beta (appx. 50,000 users): August July - October
Service Live (50,000+): October


More search keywords .... JULY OPEN BETA HOME D*CK 

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Re: Open Beta?

Jun 8, 2007

SolidSnizzle wrote:
Sorry this is off topic ima a newby to this forum but agent anderson ur a real d*ck. Im sorry if this came off wrong but man u really piss me of f. Just like that guy whos avatar u have. You definitly remind me of him. U have really got to stop critizizing people...... some people are well , more all out unlike you.... always coming up with remarks that u try to be real smart on and get in some fruity ass jokes in while ur at it. Ijust wanted to let u no man just chill with the rudeness were not all on the the computer like u.. plus ay man the way u act do u have any REAL freinds in the REAL world ????

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Not what I would of said exactly but close enough
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