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Re: One space to rule them all...

Aug 17, 2013

Just one...?????

I guess Hollywood Hills Night Clubhouse because of the radio. I actually park my avi there, turn on Hair Bands and do stuff around the house.


First space I bought was Red Bull House of Skate. No regrets since you can't get it anymore.

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Re: One space to rule them all...

Aug 17, 2013
For me it would probably be my rapture apartment.

I truly love that space.

For regrets the silo part of the complex because it was an unnecessary purchase that went on sale a week after I bought it.
I always buy what I want. Not what is thrown at me.
Every place turns special when u know what to do to em. Smiley Happy
My silo is a disco and its bangin!!
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Re: One space to rule them all...

Aug 18, 2013
I think the very first space I bought was the Ghostbusters Firehouse. At the time of release, the interactive features and furniture bundle had things we'd never seen before on Home. I still use several of those items to this day.

If I had to pick only 1 personal space or clubhouse, it'd definitely be a clubhouse because I love parties. I think I'd choose the Nighttime Hollywood Hills House because of the built-in TVs and radio, and the nighttime atmosphere works well with dance floors and fireworks, when the occasion calls for them! It would have been a tough choice between that and the Island Bungalow (smaller, therefore easier to furnish) clubhouse, but I'm still and always will be an LA girl at heart!

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Re: One space to rule them all...

Aug 18, 2013
The first space I bought was Eden - Primacrh's Vigilarium. I bought it 'cause I love Final Fantasy. It's small, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in detail.

My favourite space is probably also Eden. But I just recently got Nostalgic School Days and I've been loving it so far. So that may be my new favourite. The creepiness factor in it is just amazing.
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Re: One space to rule them all...

Aug 18, 2013

Well out of the many personal spaces i own, i must say The Playground Apartment is my pick.


As for the Bonus question my first apartment was the Summer House sooo very long ago and i dont regret buying it even though i dont vidit it often but it is decorated. But my second apartment purchased was the Apacolyptic Shelter now that i regret buying lol

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