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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 5, 2012

Could we use a broom to hold in our hand so when we visit a friend's apt we could help them clean it. Or for them to clean ours?


And no no no, not on your life will I help in cleaning the Hub!!!! Smiley Wink 

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 6, 2012

Hmm how should I explain this one?

I would really love to see this hairstyle.  

I can't post a picture (Darn you PS3 browser)  

But I can post a YouTube link as it shows her front, back and sides of her hairstyle. Please note the hairstyle is from a Asian anime as it has an Asian song to it.  


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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 6, 2012

I would like to have as a companion a butler following me around Home with a tray and drink inhis hand. When i walk, he walks. When I stand still he drinks my drink. When I chat he will mimic me (and get on my nerves - keep moving).


Seriously, a butler companion would be pretty cool and funny. As something we have to buy, or as a perk for owning all four sections of The Mansion (not three, but four).

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 6, 2012

how about a ghost train personal spaceGhostTrain1.jpgghosttrain_vampire_img.jpgGhost-train.jpgEnter__Doomtrain_by_Grrrod.jpgTranssiberian-Train-of-Doom.jpg

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 6, 2012

For those of us who love creating videos, please create a clubhouse version of the Loot Stage Sets so that more people can be invited to shoot scenes.

In addition, please increase the number of clubhouse members from 32 to 64.  Also, increase the number of clubs we can join because 5 clubs is not enough.

Finally, it would be nice to have a feature in the club menu of our navigator that separates actual club MEMBERS from temporary club GUESTS who are only added so that they may attend events.

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 6, 2012

Give us Miku Hatsune!

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 7, 2012

Maybe JUST maybe can we have Assassin's creed 3 and other titles costumes and maybe a little update in the public place? I've always wanted more stuff for Assassin's creed ever since AC brotherhood was out same with AC revelations. BUT why did I find out between the times they were out that Xbox has all the outfits for their little (non Home-like...>.>) Avi's and we don't? I thought it was unfair and I'm NOT the only that feels the same way. I think it would be a get thing for us fans and I think they would be glad about how many people would buy the outfits. Example Multi-player costumes:


Hellequin acb.jpgProwler_gear acb.jpgDeacon.pngRenegade.pngTrickster.png


And how can we forget the originial characters:


EzioRender1.pngassassins creed 3 connor render.png


Public space wise there are alot of people that go there still. And I was thinking maybe they can do something about the elevator? Maybe let anyone go down to the ground area and there can be a multiplayer area for brotherhood and revelation and AC3. Just a suggestion for the Home team ^.^ Thanks for your time!

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 7, 2012







original.jpgoriginal 2.jpg

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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 7, 2012
For many years now, I have wanted a "Red Devil's outfit" and a female "Sexy Devil outfit" version, complete with a devils tail and a red glowing pitchfork. (Individual pieces...not one-piece outfits, please)

...Or is there some sort of religious dogma keeping these outfits from being developed? Just curious.
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Re: October Suggestions

Oct 7, 2012

Lissa_Fett wrote:

If you plan on bringing back some of the old Halloween costumes, could this one be included? I was disappointed last year when it didn't show up with the rest of the oldies.


I was, too, Lissa. Woman Sad I always look forward to this costume to come back to Home for Halloween every year, but for three years now, they haven't brought it back. Woman Sad For some reason, though, they can bring back the other Halloween costumes and not this one.

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