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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 28, 2013

Well in the past we used Central Plaza as our Seasonal holiday location, then we brought out ones for just winter, how about we have a location designed just for Seasonal Holidays, and no it wont change until the season starts.



Halloween Oct.20th - Oct. 31st

Christmas December 1st  to December 25, 26th can be last day to purchase Christmas related items at a discounted price.

New Years December 31st - Jan 2nd

Thanksgiving shared with both Canada and US on the American date to avoid confliction.

All dates between will have a neutral design until the holiday.


This is Just  an example, not all holidays are added.

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 28, 2013

Could we get these outfits as locos?




Also, can we have more modern houses


modern homes 3.jpgmodern homes 4.jpgmodern homes 6.jpgmodern homes 11.jpgmodern homes 7.jpgmodern homes 10.jpg


Some raver outfits and steam punk :smileytongue:


steam punk.png

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Sep 28, 2013



What I would like to have is more in-Home trophies to be available for Home specific games that we can win (in Home) and then display them in our personal spaces and clubhouses.


Or better yet, that idea and one more. Create a personal space specifically designed so that we can display our Home trophies. One that the shelves, tables, chairs and/or alcoves are baked it. And if we choose, every save slot (100) can be used by Home won trophies.


The Trophy Room should be automatically available for free to users (just like Harbor Studio) upon downloading and entering Home.


Personally, I'd like to display every Home trophy that I have ever won or collected. At this time, many cannot be collected or won again. They are rarities. Thus worth showing off.

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Sep 28, 2013

Conrad  Ndreams did create a trophy room called Aurora Showcase apartment which you hafta grind Aurora to earn it. Stillnaskin for a riding lawnmower LMO.

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 28, 2013

I know it's pretty much too late for it, but we need some Oktoberfest items.


There's already a costume for male & female, but a few more clothing items wouldn't hurt.


Maybe some apartment decorations.


Mostly, we need the food - steins, beer, brats, potatoes, sauerkraut, red cabbage, etc.

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Sep 28, 2013

Personal Spaces and Clubhouses:

1) A space from D.L. that is for placing pets,pet stuff and have the aqua buck aquariums built into the space to save placeables slot room.

2) Lower budget spaces that are lots with a trailer on it that you can decorate inside and out. Could be a few versions like redneck style,RV park lot style and luxary with plants and so on. Could also use all types in one for a good size club.

3) A night time lake side camping lot space that has a usable (2 room walk-in) tent,night time swimming,adjustable campfire that allows flame size control,star gazing scope,a small area between the campsite and the lake that has a path through woods and a firefly catching mini-game. This space should have multiple rewards for guests and owners such as a working flashlight hand item,a burning marshmellow on a stick hand item and log seats. The mini-game should also reward you with items like a placeable fireflies in a jar item that gives off light and a group of fireflies as a companion.


Public Spaces and update current ones :

1) Medieval Fair with jousting,archery and maybe even sword fighting. Also with shops that have costumes to go with the theme.

2) Update Acorn Park even more with kite flying,swimming,swingsets.

An Acorn Park Fall & Halloween Update would be awesome - leaves colors changed & falling around,maybe new tasks for raking leaves to get new rewards - Holiday update to change Acorn to night and add a Halloween Gift Shop and decorations like pumpkins,candles,spiderwebs and spooky sounds.

3) Update the Mall to have more...things like a food court with ad support from real fast food companies and a mall garden with a wish fountain. Things like that people see in actual malls.Even non playable mall guards walking around would be neat. A new Special Items store that sells items from other PS Home regions and maybe have expired items to buy there also...even if they were once free before. Items like Criss Angels coffin for example.

4) A Drive-In theater that costs actual money to visit and watch box office movies from Sony!

5) A better theme park with rides and games. Maybe get support from Six Flags for use of certain rides and games or something.Things that come to mind are Rollercoasters,Fun-house/Haunted-house,Tea Cups ride,huge merry-go-round,water gun game,pop ballons with darts for posters,water rides and roaming gift shop carts like you see at parades.

6) A Ski lodge/mountain with skiing,sledding and snowboarding.

7) A zoo that has a petting area,safari ride,animal food dispencers,stores to by companion versions of some of the animals and a trivia game based on real info about the animals in the zoo. The trivia should reward you with zoo currency to use in the dispencers I mentioned so you can feed some of the animals.


Active Items and Games:

1) magic top hat you can interact with and make rabbits and doves comes out of

2) vampire coffins you can lay or stand in

3) crystal ball table to view videos,ads,pics or other media

4) interactable suit of armor that walks around your space like a guard

5) assorted fantasy tapestries and rugs

6) animated ouija board for table tops

7) magical book case,when you interact with it books come out and fly around

8 ) Active item Bowling Lanes

9) Active item Board/Card Games - Yahtzee,Spades,Go Fish,Battleship,Twister and Scrabble

10) New Arcade Cabinets - Pitfall,Break out,Donkey Kong,Pong and Tetris

11) Scrolling Marquee Banners & Signs

12) Active item Tarot Cards Table

13) Horse shoe pits Active Items

14) Active Item Drinking Games - Beer Pong Table & Quarters Table

15) Active Item Kegs that will either give people red party cup hand items or the red party cups that are disposable and are drank from like coffee in Acorn Park.

16) Huge Bon-Fire Active Item (this should have a wide pit and tall flames that are larger than avatars)

17) Active Item Medieval Bards - Flute Player,Harp Player,Lute/Guitar player and have them in male or female version

18 ) Active Item Archery Target/Range Game - should allow 2-8 players with tournament options and rewards like an arrow through your head hat,bow and quiver hand item and Robin Hood Costume.

19) Water Balloon Bucket active item - should work like snowballs except its water balloons. Pop/water sounds should be added.

20) Active item Dunk Em' game - this item should allow people to take the wet seat for a chance to get dunked and also let them throw balls to try and dunk others. A reward idea for getting dunked would be a bathing suit for each gender that looks like it is dripping and for those that dunk someone should get a version of the suit that don't drip. Those that fail to dunk at all should get a placeable beach towel item.

21) Customizable Carved & Animated Candle Light Jack O' Lantern

22) Magic Trick or Treat Door active item that opens up when you use it - make it have rewards of types of candy and have it also randomly play tricks or have a ghost pop out.

23) Assorted levitating objects for rooms to look haunted

24) Large Animated Hangmans Tree with swinging skeleton in nuece

25) Tombstones/Head Stones with animated things like = Spiders w/ Webs,Zombies Hands popping out,Ghosts flying out & candles

26) Grave Stones that allow you to customize the names & dates

27) Grave Robber Site active item - A grave with a dirt mound that people can dig up for grave robber rewards

28 ) Animated Blood Fountain

29) Large Dead Hollow Tree with glowing eyes in the hole maybe an owl perched with animations

30) Spooky Sounds placer - kinda like the new paranoramal hotspot generator but with other sounds like owls hooting,loud heart beats,foot steps,bush rattling,creeking door,crying cats and bats


Clothes,Jewellery,Accessories & Costumes:

1) Medieval/Renaissance

2) Wizard/Mage/Witch Robes & Cloaks

3) Wizard/Mage/Witch Staffs,Wands & Spellbook Accessories

4) Wizard Mark Tattoos and Face Paint

5) Vampire Claws

6) Vampire Bite Marks for different body parts

7) Assorted Modern Gothic/Emo/Vampire Clothing from different era's in time

8 ) Glowing Alien Head Mask and Matching Glowing Alien Hands (Mask should resemble the Lockwood glowing ear rings and the fingers on the hands should be longer than normal)

9) Movie/TV Monster Costumes like = Jason Hockey Mask,Blood Dripping Machete & Blood Covered Jumpsuit - Freddy Krueger Fedora,Striped Shirt & Bladed Hand - Edward Scissorhands Hair,Zipper Suit with straps,Scissor Hands & Gothic Combat Boots - Michael Myers Mask - Jack Skellington costume - Beetlejuice Head & Striped Suit

10) Headless Zombie holding its own head Costume with custom animations



1) vampire bat

2) skeletal bat

3) ghost animals

4) Movie/TV Monster Companions = Gremlins & Gizmo - Crypt Keeper - Casper the Ghost - Chucky Doll - Leprechaun



1) Medieval Ballroom Dances



1) hold a hand out that forms a magic glowing orb or fire

2) make lightning shoot between your hands spread apart

3) vampire poses like how nosferatu poses when the sun hits him or an evil stare with glowing eyes


LMO's & Mounts:

1) a serpant that will allow another person to ride it while you are mounted

2) a large monster-like wolf

3) a motorcycle with working side care to let others ride

4) a red wagon one person can sit in and another can pull

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Sep 28, 2013

MUSIC themed Locomotions featuring instruments. Such as Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Violin, Piano, Cello, Flute and more!





Flamenco & Salsa Dances







Internet Browser active item for Personal Spaces




- L.C



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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 28, 2013

Stockings. Stockings. Stockings. Stockings. Stockings. Stockings. Stockings.

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 29, 2013

Can there ever be an Uproar update? There has never been one since it launched last year. (New weapons, New gang attire, Maps, different types of gameplays i.e.: all melee attacks, 5 vs.. 5 maybe, level up past 40 and earn additional rewards, an update that really sets Uproar high) Thanks

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Re: October 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Sep 29, 2013

winter-hats.jpeghat-newsboy-hat.jpgHats for Girls Trends 2012-Hats-Fashion-Style-Cfor-Teens-Spring-Summer 2012--

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