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Re: November Suggestions

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Nov 19, 2012

RockCandyGirl wrote:

What that has to do with Obama?  Maybe the fact that people are starting to eat healthier and have lost their market share of snacky foods and or Hostess is busting up the Union.

More like the Union thugs busted Twinkies. They alone turned their 8% pay cut into a 100% pay cut.



And, as my suggestion to the Thread:


Have a short time frame where old reward items are sold in stores. This was done with older beta-exclusive items way back when.

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Re: November Suggestions

Nov 19, 2012

Can we PLEASE get the ability to add at least the X7 entrance to our favorites list? Now it is buried clear at the bottom of the spaces list since it was taken off new and recommended. Everyone can go to the entrance anyway so I don't see why we can't favorite it. We also need a way to preview apartments and locomotion items, I don't care if the apartment is empty just as long as we can see them. The open to the public tours are nice, but only a couple are up at a time and there is never any for apartments that were released in the past. I would also like to request that there be some sort of category or store for all the speed increasing items and that each of these items be required to say in the description how much faster it makes your avatar so we can choose the fastest one if we want. I know most of them say they are 150% increased speed, all developers should follow the same formula.

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Re: November Suggestions

Nov 19, 2012

How about a New way to Store things on Walls in Personal Spaces & Club Houses... 


Use the XMB Screen on the PS3 to figure this out, I mean it can't be that hard to figure out... 


You know... Have your cursor as a Cross, & move Photos left & right, or up, & down... 


Now one would think why would we need this? 


Perfect Answer would be...


It would make Christmas Light Decorations a lot easier, & placing Photos behind furnature such as a Table or so... Easier to Display more Centered... 


It could also help with Room Dividing, when 1 makes a Kitchen, Bathroom, & Living Room... Or such, & such... 




Does anyone else want this? 


I know I don't want my Christmas Lights Displayed in the middle of my walls... I'd rather Display them near the Ceiling level, no? 


Even more so... Some Personal Spaces have a Rooftop worth Decorating... Would be nice to Display a nice big Raindeer up there, & a Chimney for the Fire Place, too =D 



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Re: November Suggestions

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Nov 20, 2012


Two suggestions for PS home:


1: increase the furniture limit in spaces to 200-300 or slash the space required by items down to no more than 3.  Some items are 25-22 spaces, like for a TV and a bed, that's almost 1/2 the entire space taken up, and some of these spaces are pretty big nowadays.  add a solitaire table and pool table and that's it.. 4 items is all you can fit in your huge space. It would be nice if you knocked the space requirement down so that every item was 1 space, active items were 2 spaces, and multi-user active items are 3 spaces. Or up the slots to 200-300.


2: A 1-2 minute trial before you buy on items in the store, or at the very least a 'trial/fitting room'.  Seriously, the descriptions leave a lot to be desired, plus there are no videos of these items in action, and the best we can hope for is a turning 3d animation.  So many people buy something and regret it because they couldn't try it, or could only try it by buying it, and having it turn out it's not what they're looking for.   But then it's too late, no refunds.  It wouldn't surprise me people are thinking lawsuit over this kind of practice.  But if you had a  try before you buy 'trial//fitting room' so you can see what it's like and then decide to buy or not, that may be a step in the right direction

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Re: November Suggestions

Nov 20, 2012
Previews for locomotions. Start selling them via the new playstation store, as you can watch integrated video clips.
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Re: November Suggestions

Nov 20, 2012

tonydamiani wrote:

My November Suggestions:


  • Mall 3rd Floor!!
  • Please Don't Re-use the same Turkey Event from last year nor the rewards*
  • Idea for this year Thanksgiving:


  1. A dedicated space in the mountains (public or personal), with original houses, some tables with food, mini-games, etc
  2. Indians, and American folklore costumes (Different colors, etc)
  3. Turkey Reward Companion
  4. Folk Dancing Locomotion
  5. etc.



All good ideas, how hard could it be to make a native styled headband with a feather or 2 sticking out, & those buckskin clothes look neat. I'd like to see a blunderbuss &/or the pistol version with what's out now.

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Re: November Suggestions

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Nov 20, 2012
  •  Picture frames that aren't restricted to only being on the wall. You could add a large selection of different frames and allow us to still put our own pictures. I would love to have a small picture frame on my coffee table! Maybe a life size picture frames that be be stood up on the floor that allows us to put our own pictures on it.
  • Capes, capes and more capes!! Maybe add a new slot to our wardrobe for items such as backpacks, capes, etc for further customization.
  • A Coffee Shop public space! You could even get lazy and remodel the Gamer Lounge that we used to have. Coffee shops are very in and would be a cool place to meet people. Maybe even enable a feature that allows us to be constantly holding a cup of coffee up kind of similar to the way Edo has you wear a bath towel or the Granzela Beach with theirs. If not, just give free coffee mugs to earn through some clever coffee themed game such as grinding up beans or a simple memorization game for making orders.
  • A public swimming pool space! You could have a giant swimming pool with a shallow end that's also a little dance area and a deep end for swimming. Even a diving bored mini game where players can line up and attempt diving tricks. Other players can watch in awe as someone performed an insane trick or laugh at the fool who bellyflopped.
  • Make a sparring public space where players can box, sword fight, tennis, archery etc. Basically a PSN home watered down version of PS Move Sports Champions! If someone has beef to settle with you on home, they can take it to the PS Arena! (Take notes Glasswalls, clever name for it *cough*) Maybe even tell Granzela to allow us to have a duel with our swords in the Edo space!
  • And last but  certainly not least... Increase personal/club house space furniture limit! I know the memory on here is limited as for decorating and what not but please, look further into it to see if anything else can be done to expand the space limit or cut down the cost of furniture items. Maybe have stuff cost 1/2 a furniture spot or increase the limit to 120 or 150. Hell, if it was 200, I'd write you a 10 page thank you letter!! I understand it's difficult with the memory limit but I'm sure something could be done. I wouldn't even mind paying for it. It was lovely when the 50 space limit was shot up to 100. But sometimes it's still not enough. It saddens me that I cannot fully decorate large spaces such as my Dream Island.




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Re: November Suggestions

Nov 21, 2012

Granzella and Lockwood should make some winter scarves, ear muffs, and mittens to go with the winter holiday and other clothing.



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Re: November Suggestions

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Nov 21, 2012

I'd like to see more events like we used to have. Celebrity guests from PlayStation, gaming, Producers, Developers and even voice actors from games. It was always fun spending an hour or two visiting them. One of the best guests we had was Michael Rooker. He was funny and a little naughty. He visited the Home community for three hours answring questions. 


But having guests talk about their games and launch sessions with the community is always fun.


Movie and television stars go on talk shows to promote their movies and shows. Why not have a voice actor such as David Hayter come on and promote the next Metal Gear Solid game he is involved with, or a movie he may have scripted?

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Re: November Suggestions

Nov 21, 2012

Can we get more security on HOME.   Ignore doesn't always work. Either make the avatar completely disappear, given at anytime.

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