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Re: Not yo Cheezze!!

May 6, 2013

As I stated in my own post awhile back, I have mixed feelings on this subject. On one hand, it is not me that they are taking pictures of, just the pixels that I'm controlling. On the other hand, when they walk right up to your avatar with a camera, they could at least ask before taking the picture. And, no, I don't assume everyone taking pictures in the space I'm in is taking pictures of me. That's silly.

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Re: Not yo Cheezze!!

May 6, 2013
I have no feelings on the subject. It's a snapshot feature and my avatar's not real Smiley Happy

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Re: Not yo Cheezze!!

May 7, 2013

I find it rather amusing that some of the folks that make an issue of the photo taking. Then start in with the name calling tend to be the same folks front and center stage in space hot spots doing things that bring attention to themselves. I have no problem with folks that seek attention an acknowledge that and go with it.  I have zero sympathy for folks that seek attention then whine about it when they get it.Woman Happy

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Re: Not yo Cheezze!!

May 7, 2013

AbysmalDawna wrote:

Enistachia wrote:

I don't understand why users get in a twist about photo taking on home.  Its not like its your intellectual property or someone is going to recognize you online for breach of parole.  I think its just users with big egos thinking I want their photos when I am really a scene photographer in home, and I am usually taking self portraits.


I have posted before saying that I was called a perv for taking pictures now its people coming up to thank me, sarcastcally,  when all I'm doing is taking landscapes.  Silly users, will I ever understand you?  lol

I have had the same thing happen to me.  Three female avatars at Yetis dancing on the bench in clothes I hadnt seen before called me a "perv" and threatened to report me for taking pictures.  Just another reason I think the word "perv" should be banned and considered a hate crime.


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Re: Not yo Cheezze!!

May 7, 2013
^ Really?
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