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Re: Ideas For Home

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Sep 24, 2013

Conrad_Max wrote:

CC_suzq044 wrote:

Is there a thread asking for.. not so much a wish-list, but ideas on how to improve Home? 

Though I doubt that your ideas can be implimented into Home as it stands now, who knows about the future? Maybe copy and paste your post in our official monthly suggestion thread. It certainlt wouldn't hurt to do so. And Developers do use some of our ideas.


              September 2013 Suggestions Thread

Yea, the OP just said "not so much a wish-list, but ideas on how to improve Home?"  The Suggestion Thread is just a wish list thread for "items" in Home.  It does not talk or deal with ideas that deal with the core program.  The OP could post there but it would be 100% pointless for them to do so.  The programmers that make items in Home are not the same programmers that work on the Home core program.  Everyone knows that...


Having a thread that only deals with ideas that improve Home is not a bad idea.  BUT!!!, as we found with the Monthly suggestions thread ideas seem just to get lost in these big posts and they don't end up being helpful at all.


So... If you have a good idea that deals with the Home core program just post it on the Home forum and see what kind of feed back you get.

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