Jun 05 2013
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New to Home? PS HOME Club for NOOBS ONLY

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Hey - are you new to Home and want to learn everything you can about it in a friendly and supportive environment? 


Join the Noob Club today!  This Club is only for those who are new, want to learn more about Home, and have FUN!


We will have regularly scheduled meetings every week that will be led by an experienced Home user, who will share their knowledge with you and answer your questions.  Special guests will come and share too.  Meetings will be themed by: personal spaces, clothing and fashion, tips and tricks, locomotion items, orientation to public spaces, and more!


Here are the benefits of joining:

- Tour lots of the Home spaces to see them before you buy.  The leader owns many spaces and can arrange for tours of all of them.

- Examine much of the furniture and items that are available to you so you can see things up-close. 

- See the dance packs and locomotion items, as demonstrated by the leader and other members

- See many of the clothing items for both male and female avatars at a fashion show theme.

- Find out where to get the items that are shown.

- Get tips and tricks about how to use Home to the fullest, including hidden functions

- Find out about other resources that are available to you online that can support and enrich your Home experience

- Make lots of new friends online and find those who have interests similar to yours. 


Send me a friend request online, XMB message, or private message here on the Forum, to get more information and JOIN the Noob Club.... NOW!  See you online!

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