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Re: New categories on PSHome

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Apr 8, 2013

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

D-Nitrate wrote:

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

Would certainly be nice if more of the core feature suggestions were acted upon. I think they pick up quite a few of the virtual mall content for the Suggestion thread. 

"They" (3rd part devs) do, but "they" unfortunately does not include Sony, as they largely stopped making content a long time ago.  

The new core 1.80 update does appear to address some community requests. One has to hope it will help over time. It appears many won't show up day 1 but will be implemented over time.


It's also nice to see core features continuing to be added. One has to hope that is at least a signal that Home as a future and won't die with the PS4. One can hope anyway (dream maybe Smiley Wink )

I always have hope... But we have seen so many core updates and still so many obviously needed changes that even a first year programmer could accomplish have never been implemented.


So basically all the core updates have shown is that Sony does what Sony wants to do, and if it happens to include something we wanted, great, if not, or is still missing lots of the features and changes that have been asked for over the years, they are probably just saying to themselves (as they don't like talking to us the customers) "Meh".



Sony's PlayStation Home updated mission statement...

"Like it never happened"

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