Oct 18 2012
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New Cutteridge clothing?

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If you look at the Mysterious Libram in Cutteridge study (the book that talks about the Cutteridge family) it's obvious from the faces and hairstyles that the people shown are Home models. As such, they must be outfitted with those unique clothes, I am assuming anyways.


So my question is, will we be getting these outfits soon? I would absolutely LOVE Editha's outfit available as seperates, and I'm sure many other girls would too. Jasper's civil war outfit would most likely be popular with the guys.


If there are no plans to release them, and  if Jugbot is reading this post, PLEASE consider releasing these clothes!



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Re: New Cutteridge clothing?

Oct 19, 2012

Jasper is the scarecrow and they had that outfit out when the space first came out.

but i do agree...seperates are always better since i like to  mix and match

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