Dec 15 2012
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Need help... Question about Beds and Lounges

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I'm looking to buy multiple types of beds and lounge-like chairs for my personal spaces, but I'm looking for the ones that actually allow you to lie down on them. I have like 8 different beds, but you can only 'sit' on them. I also have 2 or 3 types of lounge chairs and you can only 'sit' on them as well. Your avatar is unable to actually lie down and 'relax'.


So my question is: Is there a list of beds/lounges that you can actually lie down on? I remember a personal space that had an open house a long time ago, that had some lounge chairs outside that you could actually lie down on. I'm looking from something like those, but I'm really looking for some beds you can lie down on as well. It's hard to tell with the many beds available and I don't want to spend any more money on beds that you're unable to lie down on.


Sorry if it sounds like I'm nitpicking... 

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Re: Need help... Question about Beds and Lounges

Dec 15, 2012

animations such as being able to lie in a bed are active items. One way to know besides the description is to check the amount of slots a bed takes up. or any items. 

As of currently, all these beds use up 22 slots. 

Theres the gothic manor bed. But the animation is horrible. Not worth 22 slots. Also was the first active bed. 

also the cucumber line from lockwood. 22 slots again and animation is a bit better.

the mount olympus bed is also a terrible active bed. 

one way to fix this is by owning the mat that takes up 3 slots and placing on a regular bed.

Not on home now but i will get u the name.  The mat gives u the option of making mat invisible. And u get like 5 different animations. 

Very well worth item. 

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Re: Need help... Question about Beds and Lounges

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Dec 15, 2012


np : I understand how people want to turn on the PS3 in their Bedroom, lay in bed, and have their Avi on Home lay in a bed, while the Avi "watches" a  Loot TV Movie about a person laying in bed watching TV about  a program of a person laying in bed about to get murdered by someone who got tired of laying in bed.


Well, supposedly someone is bringing out a Bed that two people can lie down on, one with their head in the other Avi's lap.


Or, buy the Juggernaut Decorative Lounger, which allows you to lay in Bed six different ways.






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Re: Need help... Question about Beds and Lounges

Dec 15, 2012

Don't know what this is going to cost but I'm looking forward to it. They got it in the EU this week so it's possible it'll be in the next update.


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