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Re: Need Suggestions For A Large Furniture Piece

Nov 14, 2012

Because of the stairs that lead up, many items wont fit due to height, if shes talking about that same spot I think she is.

And for some reason the mop just pisses my cat off on sight. And when she sees it...its her and the mop (but mostly her).


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Re: Need Suggestions For A Large Furniture Piece

Nov 14, 2012

Mermaid-KT wrote:

Could this be any use to you Mya? Its the same as the one I have in the same room, its not that wide though, but you may be able to put two together to try and make it a bit longer.


If your interested in it, its part of the Creek Falls furniture, which is in the Furniture Store. I'm not signed in now, but if you'd like to check it out first your welcome to come and have another look at mine.


Its 99c - the unit that is, not a tour fee lol













Thanks KT, I do have that piece. I just may end up using it (I like the suggestion of putting 2 together). theres a waterfall terrace dresser or 2 that I would use, but they're a bit on the small side. I remember seeing the tansus in the store but have no idea how big they'd be and wow I bought enough already just to find out the scale was way off


2 of them side by side may work also. Maybe someone who has them can chime in and let me know how large they are.



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