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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

Certain users should simply be put on your block list and be done with them. Seriously it's not worth stressing over losers in a social program.

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

Well Blocking and Ignoring these things will not solve it. The OP has a valid point and I agree with him with that, something must be done about this and moderation should look in to this matter closely.


The avatar copying thing also happned to me in the Playground space a female avatar which has the frosty mask just copied my avatar from my hairdo up to the clothes I wore at that time, so yeah I understand the OP's sentiment.

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

I wish Tempest Fire would comment on this one. I still would like the freezing of entire servers to be confirmed by a Sony official.

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

MinionMax wrote:

I see this at least once a week, usually at the Bowling Alley and Glittering Sands. And it has always been the same two people, they change their appearance but use the same phrases and misspelling. Never give it much thought because I am just passing by and figured the recipient of the berating must have reported it. I typically spend two hours a night on Home playing the games, and no I do not watch television so this is my couch potato.

 AbysmalDawna are you old enough to remember when Coronal Sanders use to go to each place and greeted the customers. I am, and I did in the late 70's, so that make me one of the "Old Timers" of gaming when it was just a dot on a B&W Tv  going side to side. 

You met the Colonel in person?  Pretty cool.  I have a movie that he is in called "Blast Off Girls" from the sixties.

As far as this topic goes I just ignore stuff like this but if it is interfering with somebody trying to play a challenge or something than it is not fair.   I have recently been staying in my spaces and clubhouses a lot so dont see much stuff in public.

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

well to quote my fav Batarian in the Mass Effect universe! 



“Repent! The end is nigh!”



Humans are a blight on galactic purity. You sir! You are a blight! And you! And you, human. And you! (points toShepard).”

“The Protheans cast off the lesser races: the krogan, thevorcha, and the humans. "And so they dwelled in filth, on worlds made of dirt and feces, and there they lay until they stumbled into the skies." The lesser races will be our downfall! The Word is clear.”



"Let none in my sight continue to live, lest their impurity displease me." The Word is clear on this, friends. Humans are the hands of the Reapers, here to commit the galaxy to ruin!”



"Bring unto me the children, that I may watch them grow to soldiers for the cause." The way is clear, my friends. Draw your weapons for the Word, or face its terrible wrath!”



“The end times will come, not with a bang, but with a sigh. Those who dip their extremities in the well of sin and vice must repent with fire, oil, and gun! Let not fleshly friendships and base urges compel us to sin and neglect. The Word makes its demands, and it demands obedience!”



"And on this great station, the pure shall be rejected, and the lesser races given their places in heaven. And this shall be the beginning of the end." The end times are upon us! Repent and restore your souls to glory!”


(ok ok i admit its nothing like that and its ment for humor but I think the end of Home is near my friends enjoy it while it last! )

but on that note i dont think there are any mods on Home anymore imo

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

I agree totally with the OP. These glitches have gotten out of hand, and freezing the servers causes us to do a hard reboot of our consoles. I don't care what anyone says, thats not good for the machines! And yes moderation is severley lacking when it comes to "protecting us" from these idiots, who seem to have nothing better to do with their lives. More often than not, trying to report only results in a reconnection error also, i know, i tried to report a foul mouth 4 times on Sunday morning, only to be kicked into reconnection every time, so thats a huge FAIL!!! Even when we can report, we all know nothing happens to these people, they are still doing the same weeks and even months later, and before someone pipes in with a "its takes time to process" remark, these sorts of harmfull things should be given priority over simple trolling etc. I have lost all faith in the so called moderation of Home, its next to useless! 

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

AbysmalDawna wrote:

al2009man wrote:

PS-ip-Virus wrote:


[Inappropriate language.]







oh wait its that KFC guy that was in this forums for quite a while..


also if i was you, I would have censored the language

This is an outrage to the fine memory of Colonel Sanders himself.  Believe it or not he was a real person who sacrificed his life in order that we could have fried chicken that was delicious and convenient.  It is time the young people of today show more respect for this man.



You still want Chicken?

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

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Nov 11, 2013

I know it's annoying seeing these trolls everywhere in Home op. But giving them a reaction is exactly what they want. They're lonely people in their real life who crave attention from the online world. Your best bet is to just ignore and report them if they're harassing you or another player. And then move on.

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

How can they report and move on? They said there is no name above their head so they can't report! There has got to be something done about these foul mouthed freezer glitchers. We have been begging for years now and now they figured out a way to do it and remove their names, oh boy SMH!!!!!

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Re: Moderators where the hell are you?

Nov 11, 2013

Ive never seen Playstation Home so bad now this is a typical example a lot of people have stopped using Playstation Home i still use it even if nobody talks to me ill probably continue using it of PS4 i use to go on Playstation Home until 2230 now it's 2200 loads of people at Hed Kandi about 40 not 1 spoke to me saw 1 in the Hed Kandi outfit no doubt pretending to be female the very 1st day i used Playstation Home 8 years ago it was certainly different back then no anti social like it is now anyway people get away with way to much on Playstation Home now hopefully the Moderators will take harsh action against these uneducated people

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