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Minibots: Battlebox 1.1 tips, rewards and perfect hiding spots.

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Guests can get all of these rewards except the Miniature Sentry.


  • Furiouscabbage MiniBot Companion

Furiouscabbage MiniBot Companion

Awarded for surviving wave 20


  • Thunderflux MiniBot Companion

Thunderflux MiniBot Companion

Awarded for being killed 5 times in a row


  • Aelyria MiniBot Companion

Aelyria MiniBot Companion

Awarded for defeating 5 enemies with your headbutt attack


  • 0x5378 MiniBot Companion

0x5378 MiniBot Companion

Awarded for killing 100 enemies in a single game without dying


  • Miniature Sentry (Male and Female)

Miniature Sentry (Male)

Awarded for killing 10 Sentry enemies. (Owner only)


  • Miniature Ripper (Male and Female)

Miniature Ripper (Male)

Awarded for killing 10 Ripper enemies. (Guest only)



Buy the Patient Zero Ornament Stand it's located in Home >> Loot >> Furniture >> Ornaments and it's free.

After you have bought it go to the harbor studio and make a long wall with it, put the minibot battlebox in the corner and make sure theres an exit, it's perfect for healing, and if you add a table with blocks stacked ontop of it at the exit, bosses can't pass threw and you can go under the table (if it's big enough).

Also, find a apartment that is big, that way you can travel everywhere and the enemies alays pop up at the same areas.

Perfect hiding spots:

First floor mansion: You can hide under the dining table.

Loco island: You can only put the game in the tree but you can exit the tree, enemies spawn in the tree for easy kill.

Casino VIP suite: The enemies spawn at the elevator area, so you can hide in the hall way and easily make a barricade.

Cutteredge Estate: This is a secret spot that Juggernaut put in for a easter egg, you can only access it with the Minibots: Battlebox. If you look at the right side of the stairs when you walk in you'll see a hole, you can enter that with the game. There is also another hole behind the mirror at the top of the stairs, you can access it by going into the left room and in the corner is the hallway. One area is empty while the other one looks like a mouse bar.

If you need any of these rewards add me (dynamite298).

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Re: Minibot Battlebox rewards. (Updated 1.1)

May 2, 2012

I got the Mini Ripper in wave 5.

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Re: Minibot Battlebox tips and rewards. (Updated 1.1)

May 2, 2012

I read on another forum that you receive the head acessory items after you kill 10 of each.

The sentry is owner only.

The Ripper is guest only.

One of the best places to play the MiniBot BattleBox is at Andy's Room Toy Story 3. Sit the game on rug and hide behind desk and let them come to you. I also played at Cutteridge Estate. You can acess the vents with the MiniBot. I sat it in the foyer of the space and most enemies spawn outside or in the dinning room.

Thanks for reading.

I believe with PS Home anything is possible.

BTW Looking forward to the Silent Hill content tomorrow.

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