Mar 11 2007
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ok i know some think the "milestones" are a bad idea, i personally like em just cause they show off what ive worked hard (while still having a blast) to obtain... i read that there were like resistance trophies and they didnt know if they would have it so it would check your games you already have saves for so you dont have to re-do it... i would hate to have to re get rank1 in thp8 (pretend that that's a trophy...) in order to get it...
so i was just wondering if they said anything else about it, i was searching but ended up in a sea of info i couldnt sort thru
frankly i dont mind either way since this is meerly a small smidgen of HOME, i was just wondering
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Re: Milestones

Mar 11, 2007
Well, apparently they've been working on Home for a long time, so it might already be integrated into games like Resistance. In which case I'm sure that reading the save file would be all they would need to do to award the proper trophies...

And if not, you'll just have to wait for the second "generation" of PS3 games to take advantage of the Hall of Fame feature of Home.
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