Apr 10 2007
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Micro-cash and PS Home

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I am interested in seeing Home develop flea markets, where users can buy and sell either real world products or digital ones for Sony$ that can be easily converted into real currency.

The yen would be ideal for micro cash transactions. At the moment 1 yen = 0.840830741 of a US cent. I suggest a Sony Yen (Sonyen?) could be further divided by 100 ie = 0.00840830741 of a US cent.

Micro cash could well be the way to oil PS Home into a commercial arena that would attract others that into getting on board who would never have contemplated buying any games console (the otherOS feature completes this edge to the non-gamers market).

To give an example, I convert classic literature into small print books via PDF. I use this as a teacher so that my classes can study material that is photocopied and does not create excessive paper waste. Selling these for 100 Sonyen – not quite a cent, or even 1000 Sonyen (8 1/2 cents), would hardly put a hole in anyone's pocket, yet the small amount of money generated could well accumulate, into encouraging sums, instead of converting a single novel, I might consider converting two or three (not a great increase in labour). These I should be able to sell from my apartment, to begin with.

Later I might consider a stall, and if meeting with success - a shop.

I suggest that a small payment for a license might be used, just so if I do something wrong commercially I can be closed down.

Obviously big companies would pay for and get prime locations, however there needs to be a lot more commercial life in the product than dealing with big companies – micro-cash and a commercial space, open to the pockets of users is also needed to make a truly robust and versatile virtual world.

Virtual geography is another aspect of this, I would put this in terms of self-organisation. An island for PC goods and services could have main streets, lanes (for small businesses) and market plazas for stalls, these could be all separate lobbies.

It could be a nice feature to have at least shops, that are permanently featured even if the owner is away, that some basic features would persist, like getting a card (with opening hours for instance), leaving a card for contact, making orders (payment on delivery etc.,.)

A literature island could be divided into language quarters etc.,. Libraries, book shops etc.,

An island of electronic education and digital Universities, some free others charging a fee for services.

Virtual geography can make it reasonable for things to become self-organising, gravitating to spaces that specialize in a type of service, good, or interest.

The list is endless, and does not have to be tightly controlled.

However, the micro-cash transactions are essential. There is plenty of room for free stuff, don't get me wrong on that, but what about stuff where the creator could well do with some small financial incentive to keep improving services. Paying 1 Sonyen perhaps a sum best thought of as a one hundredth of a US cent, is hardly a sum that it is noticeable, for using a forum, requesting information, perhaps even a smaller tax Sonyen like 0.01 for making a post for instance.

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