Mar 08 2007
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Message to the "other consoles"

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With Home coming in the fall, people with "other consoles" are starting to shut up about the Ps3 being a bomb, or a failure.

This thread is for you to rub all the Ps3 glory in the other fanboys' face.
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Re: Message to the "other consoles"

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Jul 15, 2013

As I said on the G.A.P

"Playstation Home is REVOLUTIONARY!

First off, ignore all the Wii and 360 fanboy crap. Most of them know little about this new feature, and all they want to do is bash it to give themselves the smallest piece of happiness from the negativity they already have.

This is going to be amazing. Come Fall, we'll get to create EXTREMELY customizable characters, chat with friends in mall-like and outdoor lobbies, and play golf, boxing, and dance in clubs. This is a world in itself. I could not play any of my PS3 games, and live off of Homes for the rest of my life."


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