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Re: Mercia's Portal will be in the LKWD Store September 19th - FREE!

Sep 14, 2012

goodSuM wrote:

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DCS-Tekken wrote:

Well since 90% of us didn't get into the DEMO to begin with it's only fair that they give the Portal to the 90% of us who didn't get the demo!


Unleass they want to loose fans/customers!  Make it fair to all of us...


Some people got in because there in the in crowd and wouldn't have gotten in otherwise...


It's time LKWD made it right for the rest of us... And for those who got into the DEMO shut the He** up u already had ur Portal and ur not any better than the 90% who didn't it!


Nuff Said!

Shut the heck up? Really? It's funny, because for those of you who did not participate in the beta, you actually get an advantage. See, us beta testers had our levels reset, we lost everything but rewards. The game was already repetitive enough, and now lockwood expects us to restart all over again from scratch? If we at least kept our levels, I would be fine, but not at the current state.


Stop speaking out your behind, Dc.


You know he's the same guy right, that complained they took **bleep** Angel couch.

I believe I remember him complaining, for quite some time that he no longer had an exclusive/rare item.



I remember him. the guy who ALWAYS complained over that out-dated couch. if he was smart enough then he shoud PM to Joystick_Warrior for an chance

I love irony.


Sorry I left the quote box so big.  Smiley Sad

**bleep** Angel at the time and thought it was really cool.

And to Al - We were all told that everyone that lost the couch still had the item linked to our account, but that was around the same time they said people would get any rewards they missed during the community theatre mishap (the jackets and later on).  And I don't think either of those things happened.


Edit - Umm, that "bleep" should say "**bleep** "...  Why was that sentence censored?

Edit 2 - Seriously?  Okay...  how **bleep**  ".  If this doesn't work, I said that I had the same issue as above, and I liked it because of what it looked like.

Dont forget the Abel gi top... ^_^;

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Re: Mercia's Portal will be in the LKWD Store September 19th - FREE!

Sep 14, 2012

Some seem to be comparing this to other times Home or other Devs did not give rewards, we should all keep in mind that this is LKWD and their policies as far as rewards has always been fair often making items available in personal spaces not only available to the owner but to the guest as well.  They always aim to please the masses and that's why they have such a huge following.  Heart LKWD

Free portals to all!

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Re: Mercia's Portal will be in the LKWD Store September 19th - FREE!

Sep 15, 2012

Well for me this is a good thing.  I get a free Mercia Portal!! But for the Beta Testers, I can understand why they are upset.  Since the portal was orignally only exclusive to the Beta Testers.  Maybe they might alter something with the portal for the free version?

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