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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

Apr 14, 2014

lol i even put it in april suggestions to get it fixed. I guess it's like among other spaces they simply cannot and will not fix (Sunset lounge) lowercase L because it simply doesn't deserve an uppercase Smiley Very Happy


Wish they'd fix this place even knowing i beat it, i'd love to go back and whoop on some creatures.

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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

Apr 14, 2014

Digitman3 wrote:

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

Mercia was a fun game. It's a shame that the development time didn't pay off for Lockwood. Games like this had the potential to really make Home fun.

You're right Jo.  Mercia was a blast.  I completed it on 4 accounts.  I also formed the now defunct fearless Mercian Guard, where all members were inducted in as Generals (had to demote Mur though when he bit my shoulder and blamed it on a beetle) and went on to assist the Home general population in their quest to slay the nastiness within Mercia.  Yep, definitely a lot of fun. 


Oh, I remember one time when I turned a corner and you were just standing there Jo, looking all confused (maybe afk), with about 10 disgusting oversized beetles about to attack.  I spent the next 5 frantic minutes firing flawlessly aimed arrows and death swiping with my sword for you to come back and say "Oh hi Dean, sorry, phone" amid oozing blood, slime and gore all around you.  Yep, the good times.  Smiley Happy  DG   

I was in Beta and I played through it when it went live. Claire also spent time grinding most of it as well. It was fun and a very social game. And I didn't know about the beetles but with you around I know I was in good hands.


Poor beetles. May they rest in peace. Smiley Happy

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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

Apr 14, 2014

Mercia was never fun even when it worked - it was always a jerky button masher with no depth. 


Don't mind yousefl with hokey PSHome mini games, they are all pretty trashy because of the outdated engine developers have to work with. Only games that are decent are ones that do not use the avatar like Sodium 1 and 2. 

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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

Apr 14, 2014
@Digitman3 if you had not been so busy fighting off the beetles to protect @Joanna_Dark_ ; you would have seen that beetle that bit you. And it wasn't on the shoulder where it bit you. But if you say so Dean, I will back your story. Smiley Wink

On topic, Mercia is one of my favorite Home memories. Even not working properly, we had a blast. But everyone is right that Lockwood basically decided not to or could not fix the issues. Too bad, as it had great potential. Smiley Happy Mur
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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

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Apr 15, 2014

I maxed it a couple months ago on my NA alt without much issue. (Only one blue screen'o'death I think) Yeah loading is a pain and take patience. Better have a 12G cache for Home games. 

The moneytizing part was poorly thought. Thats probably why LKWD abbandon it. I stil suspect there was an issue with the "beta access forum", granting access to ... welll... everyone! That and being able to finish it for free killed the game before it was even out Smiley Sad

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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

Apr 15, 2014
I think people would pay for additional locations provided they fixed the issues the game had. Mercia had a lot of potential. In some ways I liked the way they handled multiplayer combat better than how GZ does it for their events.
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Re: Mercia Fractured Realms Problems

Apr 15, 2014

:^/ Mercia is a sterling example of stretching the envelope. I suspect that Lockwood smacked face-first into one or more of the inherent limitations of Home's programming engines, and the differences between the developer's environment and the end users' environment.


As for monetizing, I personally would have bought upgrades if they also doubled as Home items, but none of them did. I'm not sure why Lockwood chose to do it that way. Does Sony charge a higher percentage for Home items than for other game enhancements, perhaps?


Anyway, I agree that Mercia helped to draw strangers together. Working together to defeat the giant beetles and lizards worked so much better than going it alone. And even when playing solo, one could almost count on running into others who were playing, and jumping in to help them out.


;^) Very fond memories of that one. I still wear the Warrior's Headband reward from that game.

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