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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 14, 2013

Bowling Alley


     Have a score board system where a Home Community Member could walk up and see a small window pop up showing the current score for the lane they're in.


Inventory - Houses LMOs/Items


     I would to see the inventory more situated.  For example, for female avatar there would only be female LMOs avail so it isn't comfused and the same for male avatars.  Just like the wardrobe where only male items are avail if we're in a male avatar.


The Magical Cheetah






Group or Club chat


     Open mic rather then holding R2 to talk.  I find that could be more helpful.  If I don't want to use the mic I'll just disable it.

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 14, 2013
Game related spaces? Bring back some old school spaces to let users reminisce about the good ol days of home. Smiley Happy
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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 15, 2013
Bring superman to Home! That would b awesome
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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 15, 2013

There are a few things I could think of that I would love to have...sorry no pictures but i think these would be awesome!


A personal space from D.L. that is only for placing pet stuff and Aquariums...with the ability to place each type of tank you own at least once each.


Placeable speakers that work with Loot TV's and/or radios so we can hear music in other areas without needing more radios or TVs.


I think it would be a silly idea but fun to have a hillbilly trailer park place with hunting games like hunting,fishing and have personal spaces that are a lot with a trailer on it that you can decorate.


Would love to see a Medieval Fair with jousting,archery and maybe even sword fighting or a catapult type game.


I would love to have a special items store where people could buy old rewards that you can not get anymore...or even have items that are from other regions in it too.


Birthday,wedding,holiday,anniversary,graduation,bacheloer/bachelorette party favors like: assorted cakes,confetti poppers,animated bubbling champagne,party hats,cake dancers,clowns,pin the tail on the donkey game,stripper pole placeable interactive item and maybe a grab bag with a random reward.


More pet types like active item bird cage placeables,active item reptile tanks,lizard/snake companions,hamsters,rabbits i can go on with this lol.


It would be nice if there was a way to go to the entire PSN Store right from a personal space.



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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 15, 2013

We need a stands that have the wall hanging feature built in so we can place wall hangings in areas we want them instead of the snap in spaces and also be able to use them in clubhouses, they could come in 3 sizes(sm,md,lg) for spaces that have different heights.

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 16, 2013 nail art.jpg

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 16, 2013

So many good suggestions! I don't want to rehash, but some of the strongest, most mentioned ones were incidently ones that were suggested in last month's suggestion thread--so listen up, devs.


To the guy who wanted a male merman--a resounding YES to you. I suggested last month, a mermaid tail LMO item that could simply be used as the 'legs' of your avatar. Doing this would make them unisex. I'm glad you suggested it, because I honestly didn't think of it from a male perspective. Kudos to you.


YES to more water-based spaces (and I'm not talking beaches, we have a surplus of those). A water park would be awesome and an UNDERWATER space would be moreso. We have the Dolphy Room, the Neptune Suite, and the Rapture Metro Apartment. They are too enclosed. I want to swim (and not just by the grace of Juggernaut).


Another resounding YES to a carnival/theme park personal/clubhouse space. I had previously suggested that Mass Media come out with such a thing, since their main space is already based on that concept but hey--anyone feel free to jump on the bandwagon here. Also, a RAVE SPACE would be so, so awesome--something with either a baked-in LOOT radio or a way for us to port our own music in and make it BGM style, so the music is EVERYWHERE.


And um, to the people wanting more wings and cute anime gear--WATCH PEAKVOX. If you saw their JP lineup, you'd squee. Be patient, it's coming.


YES to a castle. In fact, if you make a castle and name it HOGWARTS, you can name your price as far as I'm concerned. But really, any castle outside of Avalon will do (although I'd really love to see a Dracula's Castle--and done right. No cartoony crap, ok?)


I second the Neon City vote (or whatever it's called--it's Granzella's verson of digital Tokyo) because we... don't really have a space like that. (I mean, there's Home Tycoon and the Konami Penthouse, but no free-roaming cityscape. Please port this over soon.)


Um, let's see... More jewelry options, make hats an accessory so we can wear them over our own hair (I realize this still has the possibility to look stupid, but not any moreso than the free sparkler hats from a couple years ago where we are BALD underneath. Srsly), more shoe + stocking combos we can wear under dresses (as shoe items--someone suggested this already, but I'm reiterating it).


A TRUE DRAGON MOUNT. You have what is basically a Gundam for sale (thank you Atom Republic), but no dragons--yes, the velociracers are very sweet, but they DON'T FLY (the Konami ones do, but they are so tiny). And YES  YES YES to whoever posted the Joust pic (the guy on an ostritch). For those of us who are old skool, a Joust Mount that you could actually JOUST with would just... I.. my mind was temporarily blown by how awesome it would be. (Don't get it? Google it.)


Also, Lockwood: where is my PEGASUS? (And my clubhouse? And my updates for Sodium/Jewel/Mercia. Because honestly, no one cares about your Dream-Line anymore.The Yachts are cool--if redundant, the Dream Island is pretty. The Dream Hideaway is trash. And the lounge is a joke. Please syphon money back into the products that made you great.)


And to the person who said to release more skin colors: an advanced color palette on hair, makeup, etc. was suggested (by me and possibly others) last month and it ended up as a Playstation Plus perk. As much as I would love to walk around looking like a Orion, they'll probably just make it another Plus exclusive. (If I'm going to pay for it, you'd better add stripes and spots to the skin options too--just saying.)


Also. More Steampunk. We've got western, we've got eastern, we've got our exotics (but don't let that stop you). We've even got futuristic. I want a burnt out Dystopia with mech and magic. (Make it happen, nDreams. I'm counting on you.)

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 16, 2013

A personal space train like the hogwarts express without the seats and booths


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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

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May 16, 2013

I have a pretty cool idea to share for Home and developers. I have had a quite a few people show me some of the stuff they bought and I bought the items because I saw them. Sold me.

One of the things I thought was the idea of selling stuff by showing people, and thinking what would be cool is giving people something for showing someone that item. Maybe 50% off of the item you help sell for the developer or a psn code for something free from that developer.

This way it's good marketing and a good way to get those items out there and good for business for the developer, like Lockwood, Loot, Konami etc.

I know I show a lot of my items to people and I own a lot, and this would be a great idea for the developers.

Someone showed a pair of Konami wings, and sold me on it, I wanted it and I bought them.

This would help the Home community and the developers as well Smiley Happy

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

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May 16, 2013

Things I would like to see in Playstation Home:

-Bring Hed kandi dance to the Usa region

-Batman Costumes like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Cat woman, etc..





-Better Sitting down poses like these 3



-A place where all regions can hang out in, I have a long time pen pal from the United Kingdom, both she and I play playstation home but we aren't allowed to go to other places to hang out other than some private homes.

-Different forms of cosplay outfits/costumes










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