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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013
A horse ranch private space
A private gym
A plus exclusive free space for members
Golf carts
Front end loaders
Butcher uniform
Chef uniform
Baker uniform
Waiter uniform
Waitress uniform
Fireman outfit
Waterman outfit
Lumber jack over all
CDC uniform
Hockey uniforms
Lacrosse uniforms
PlayStation 1 2 & 3 ornament w/ controllers
A stroller lmo
A child lmo
Baby food
Boxes of cereal
Ceiling fans
More picture frames
Wall mirrors
Antique standing mirrors
Skater protective gear
Tic tac toe lmo multiplayer
A global event space
A global visa
Meet the moderation team day lol
the home MVP awards event. ( awards given in different catagories to mvps. This would be a regional contest decided by a vote of psh members in that region)
More outside sponsered event (yea Dr pepper and clearasil)
A go cart track
School desks and chairs
A chalk board
A old school house personal space
A tire swing
Scuba gear
A block choice on xmb to stop members from just dropping in on you instead of you having to go to your personal space
Two member occupancy on select apartments
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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013
A air hockey table active item
A war card game table active item
A craps table active item
A blackjack table active item
A coin machine
A dollar bill changer
More washing machines and dryer active items
Laundry baskets
Clothes lines
Old type movie projectors
DVD players
Cable receiver
Weed eater
Grass cutter
Hedge trimmers
Outside kitchens
Boxing/wrestling ring
Club owner only store
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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

[ Edited ]
May 3, 2013

A list of things


1. Organize the wardrobe, personal items, furniture menus to better reflect item pieces. Example: Full outfits only listed in outfit menu not in shirt or pants in wardrobe. Dresses having separate menu not in shirt menu. Locos are separate from dance moves and companions. Beds listed under bed menu not chair or sofas. Appliances being appliances not merely because their active items.


2. Be nice if each store was listed independent if possible. Sometimes hard to find substores among the main ones.


3. Maybe someway to purchase Home items from a computer the way it is in Home. Might help make it easier for people to buy items. Might also provide addition advertising if it was a submenu in the current Playstation Store.

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013



I suggested pogo sticks, a few months back.

I'd like to see them made into a lmo.


Would be pretty awesome.

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013
Party streamers
Party cups and plates
Batters cage
Pitchers cage
Dunking both
Kickers cage. (last four are active items)
Boxing outfits
Excersing mats
Excersise ball
Volley ball sets
Tennis sets
Golf sets
Bandmitten sets
Sewing machine
Toaster oven
Air conditioner
Central vac
Fooz ball table
Jewlrey boxes
Please make all necklaces under accessories
Ring necklass bracelet sets
Bracelet purse necklace sets
Purse hat necklace set
Purse hat anklet set
Female watches
Bigger pictures for wall
Bed comforter sets
Being able to do different posese on couch n loveseat
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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013

I would like x7 to maybe have something other then clothes or furniture as free items. Perhaps an LMO dance like the x7 girls, or an active item stereo that plays the songs from x7, or maybe even a small x7 personal space. Also how about Marvel hero/villain costumes and/or LMOs?

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013

Since VEEMEE has developed the Acorn Meadows Park, it would be more interesting to develop more park spaces like it. Let's have a water park area, arcade room to play the games such as Scribble Shooter, Frogger, Ice Breaker, also a crane mini-game, and having a neon theme park area. Also it would be more interesting to create more swimsuits from Granzella and Billabong for both gender avatars since summer is rolling by.



Water Park Area

Water Park 1

Water Park 2



Arcade Room

Arcade Room 1

Arcade Room 2


Neon Theme Park

Neon Theme Park 1

Neon Theme Park 2


Men's Swimwear

Surf Short Design 1

Surf Short Design 2


Women's Swimwear

Bikini Designs 1

Bikini Design 3

Bikini Deisgns 2

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013

I suggest having a limit on posts within the suggestion thread to 3 post per monthly thread.

Also that the suggestion thread be strictly for content.

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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013



1. LOCOMOTION: TELEPORTATION- Avatar starts at point A, hold down the square button,  Avatar's ghost or soul appears, while holding down square, send ghost to point B, say a 10 to       to 15  ft. radius, let go of square, Avatar teleports to point B. 


2. INTERACTIONS: Couple animations- like in the sims, flirt, kiss, hug, woohoo. lol (and please, if youre worried about the 13 year olds, theyve probably done worse at this point)( just add a disclaimer on terms n conditions)


3. Costumes: Dragon ball z costumes, items, animations. Naruto costumes, items, animations. (i would love to have a rasengan build up in my hand) 


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Re: May 2013 Suggestions!

May 3, 2013

Allow us to play music and movies stored in our pse3 in private locations, via tv or stereo.

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